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5 Reasons to work with a Managed IT Services Provider

5 Reasons to work with a Managed IT Services Provider

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5 Reasons to use managed IT services

When considering how to best enable your IT department, especially in a time of growth, businesses may not realize how much is at stake. With everything dependent on technology, whether it’s work stations, data storage, secure communications, internet access or finances, once businesses employ more than 20 users, they begin experiencing a strain on their IT department. While it may seem reasonable for a small business to have an in-house team, when a business is in growth mode, it becomes increasingly important that a simple technical mishap not be able to sabotage the upward growth trend.

At a certain point in the business’s development, it is worthwhile re-examining the priorities and risks of the IT department and considering a Managed IT Service provider. With such an engagement, you will be safeguarding your whole operation. Here are a few convincing reasons to have a multifaceted, proactive team look after your IT.

1. Reduce Downtime

Although there is a common misconception that the only costs associated with downtime are the few productive hours, in fact downtime can be very detrimental to a business. The company risks losing clients as today’s buyers have zero patience and extremely high standards. The brand reputation is also at risk, not to mention the overtime, repair and recovery costs to be considered. All such effects and costs last much longer than the actual downtime.

With a managed service provider, especially one specializing in elimination or reducing the risk of any downtime, you are avoiding a whole slew of problems that would inevitably have to be dealt with later.

2. Increased Reliability

An internal team of two or three people, especially in a smaller business, could not possibly provide the same around-the-clock reliability as a whole multifaceted team proactively monitoring your environment. With the cost comparable or even lower at times, it seems unreasonable not to provide your company and team with the highest possible level of reliability.

3. Automation

Automation has come a long way to help business owners be more productive and efficient by programming mundane tasks and leaving staff to more strategic and creative thinking. When applied to various parts of your infrastructure, automation works to significantly reduce human error. When MBC manages your IT systems, we help your business run smoothly, safely and with reduced downtime.

4. Scalability and Future Proofing

After 20 years in the IT industry, MBC understands that each client needs a customized application of best practices. Because of our experience with various size firms from a multitude of industries, we clearly understand from the get go how to approach each situation in a way that will save your business time and money. As your business grows steadily, MBC’s Managed IT Services will enable it to adapt quickly and efficiently because of our agility and ability to adapt to changing technology. MBC’s thorough understanding of hybrid cloud technology in particular will serve your business well as we all move forward into the future.

5. Peace of Mind

Above all else, with 7/24/365 proactive monitoring, up-to-date and innovative security measures, as well as an ongoing awareness of what best practices MBC can pass on to our clients, our mission is to provide Delightful IT, and everything we do will grow from there, to make sure that you as a business owner have peace of mind.

Do you have more question about what the Managed IT Service engagement entails and what MBC can do for you? Contact us for more info or take us up on our offer of a free IT assessment.

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