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7 Common Cloud Technology Myths Debunked

7 Common Cloud Technology Myths Debunked

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7 Common Cloud Technology Myths Debunked

If you are planning to migrate your business applications and workloads to the cloud, you may be concerned about some common myths.  Below are seven cloud technology myths currently spreading that we’ll debunk and explain the truth behind successfully supporting your operations with cloud technology.

Myth #1 – Cloud technology isn’t flexible enough

The truth is that cloud environments allow businesses to use as little or as many resources as they need when they need them. Unlike on-premise deployments, cloud technology is highly flexible, with users being able to utilize as their needs require. This flexibility also is what helps make cloud technology more cost-effective as businesses only need to pay for the resources they are using. Cloud technology also makes it simple for organizations to quickly scale up or down, ensuring that their users have immediate access to the resources they require.

Myth #2 – On-premise infrastructure is more secure

Security needs to be a top priority for businesses. Cloud technology is in fact incredibly secure, offering stringent privacy measures, data encryption, and ensuring that all data is safely stored. There are also additional security options and services that can be added on to cloud service packages to ensure even stronger security coverage. Cloud providers are typically certified by regional and global regulations so that your data will meet all compliance requirements.

Myth #3 – A total infrastructure shift isn’t required

Migrating to the cloud requires a change in organizational mindset, particularly when it comes to data security and resource provisioning. Especially if you have been solely running an on-premise infrastructure, the change especially for users should not be underestimated. While cloud providers do provide plenty of resources to help a business that is transitioning to its cloud services, it is still important not to underestimate the simplicity of migrating resources to the cloud.

Myth #4 – Businesses can quickly transition to the cloud

The time that it takes to completely transition to the cloud is unique to every business and what applications and workloads they are moving to the cloud platform. It certainly cannot be done overnight and for large organizations, the complete transition could take a couple of months. It is important to ensure that your organization has enough resources and staff on-hand to handle resource migration before you start your transition.

Myth #5 – Data is at risk with multitenancy

The public cloud model uses a multitenant environment, which means operating multiple users’ cloud data on the same server. While this may seem risky and that other users could possibly access your data, the reality is that is it incredibly secure. Cloud providers partition the data so that it remains restricted to only the user that uploads it. And while it is true that no cloud environment can ever be 100% secure, it is no less secure than any other type of storage environment.

Myth #6 – Every app and workload should be run on the cloud

Despite the wealth of benefits that cloud technology offers, it isn’t always the perfect solution for every problem. Considering using the cloud for all workloads and applications may not make the best sense for your business. Instead, organizations should plan out a manageable cloud strategy to leverage the best efficiency of cloud technology for their organization.

Myth #7 – One solution is enough

While one cloud solution may suit some organizations, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option for yours. Hybrid could deployments are becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to migrate to the cloud. Hybrid solutions can focus on specific areas of the business and choose the best environments to run apps and workloads for optimal results. With the support of a Managed Service Provider, your business can have a seamless transition to integrated multiple cloud deployments.

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