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Benefits of Cloud Migration

Benefits of Cloud Migration

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Benefits of Cloud Migration

The current focus of most businesses today is to support working from anywhere at any time. To do this properly and to maximize your organization’s budget, efficiency and growth, migrating to the cloud is becoming almost a necessity. Whether using a private, public or hybrid cloud, there are numerous advantages for your business. Plus, with MBC’s Roadmap Mitigation Process, you can ensure that your cloud migration process is completely seamless. Keep reading below to learn some of the top benefits of migrating to the cloud.

Enhanced Security

Once migrated to MBC’s cloud service, your business becomes automatically protected against email threats by a built-in defence system. Several layers of continually updated spam filters shelter your users from advanced phishing expeditions and fraudulent spam. Anti-malware engines are also employed to detect and isolate cyber threats and viruses.

Data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities are used to recognize, track and protect critical information. Encryption services ensure that employees aren’t unwittingly exposing sensitive data through email. DLP enables users to send encrypted emails to any outside party.


One of the most perceptible advantages of migrating to the cloud is the flexibility that every user is afforded. Users can connect and sync from any device in any location. Databases, applications, calendars, and appointment trackers are easily shared to ensure that everyone has access to pertinent information whenever and wherever needed. Application storage space across individual and group accounts is intentionally vast to reduce time wasted on managing overwhelmed inboxes and freeing up space and can be scaled at any time.


At MBC, our CloudReach program grows with your business to whatever heights it attains. There’s no need to waste time concerned about hardware upgrades and relocations, software package expansions, or complex infrastructure swaps. Our cloud service is designed to expand or contract as needed, allowing you to get on with the business of growing your business.


The cloud virtually eliminates the need for physical access. Data and operations are instantly accessible at any time from any device or location. Access is easily approved or denied making data as secure or available as necessary. Data is seamlessly, yet securely, shared to ensure all employees are kept up-to-date with the latest information.

Faster Deployment

Traditional on-site system deployments can be costly, labour intensive, and time-consuming. Deploying new services or applications from the cloud eliminates the need for manually serviced hardware and replaces it with a few clicks of a mouse. Streamline your deployments so they’re available in a matter of minutes rather than a matter of weeks or months.


Migrating to the cloud will ultimately reduce the overall costs associated with running a business. Shedding the need for bulky, expensive hardware and shifting operations to a virtual location cuts down on hardware maintenance, real estate footprints, and travel expenses. Our CloudReach services reduces the cost per user while providing the flexibility for instantaneous growth or contraction for shifting application and resource needs.


Full cloud integration and hybrid on-site/cloud solutions allow you to choose the ideal scenario depending on your business circumstances. Our Cloud Mitigation Roadmap will make the move to the cloud seamless, non-disruptive, and according to your terms. To learn more about how our cloud services can help support your business, get a free assessment today.

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