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Business Changing IT Trends

Business Changing IT Trends

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Business Technology Trends

Business Changing IT Trends: While innovative technology is emerging almost daily, including AI, machine learning and blockchain, to name a few, as a small business owner such trends will have little or no effect on your business, unless you are working directly in that space. What will have an impact are the speed and efficiency of doing business, new infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Software-Application Unification and The speed and efficiency of doing business

The SMB market is more competitive than ever, and the sheer volume of elements to keep tabs on to be successful and have an edge on your competition is just enormous. The idea that your product/service is superior or special is just the start and a very small piece of the puzzle. Everything plays a part: how accessible you are to your clients, how efficient your departments are, and if your employees have all the tools they need. As if this is not a difficult enough task, all these elements also have technology tied to them, whether it is communications software – Google Drive, Outlook, Office 365, Slack, Teams – or a variety of CRM options, such as sales force or marketing automation software.  And the list of software business owners will need to have access to and proficiency with just keeps growing.

All this has resulted in a need for unification. The upcoming trend will continue in the direction of speed and efficiency, and various platforms will allow software to seamlessly connect together, making the amalgamated product better than the sum of its parts.  So to stay competitive on the ever-changing business highway, vehicles will have to adapt and continue to get faster and more efficient.

New Infrastructure

Our love for speed and efficiency leads us to new Infrastructure to accommodate this. While still in its infancy, there is now talks of the 5G network which is the 5th generation of cellular technology which has come a long way from the first release in the 80s. What this hopes to achieve is little to no latency, half the time of the still utilized 3G network allowing for smart cities and self driving cars to become a reality rather then fantasy.

For business owners, this means even a faster pace, less patients from potential clients and more available customer data. Those who adapt and are able to keep up with the speed of service and those who can harvest the most intelligence from the more robust network will benefit the most.


Cybercrime emerged as a real threat at the same time that the Internet of Things took everything over. At the start the threat seemed distant, as most SMBs naively believed that they were not at risk, and even after ongoing attacks with devastating results, SMBs are still not taking this issue very seriously. While in the past businesses relied on reactive efforts such as backup, disaster recovery solutions and blocking efforts as well as tackling games plans, most business owners are now starting to understand that proactively thinking these efforts through as prevention is preferable to the recovery efforts required when these measures haven’t been in place.

The business world is getting progressively faster paced and intricate. However, as a business owner, remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own and it’s much more effective to rely on a network of tested and reliable resources to help guide you along. MBC can help you navigate through technology and keep you safeguarded and protected. Contact us for more information.

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