Virtual CIO Services

Is Technology Your Biggest Problem... or the Solution You're Looking for?


Without an IT background, it’s easy to view technology as an expense, or a part of the company that seems to be getting in the way of the desire to achieve long-term goals. Through our Virtual CIO services, we show clients how to view technology differently – as a chance to take advantage of new opportunities, regardless of their challenge or budget.

We are able to do this because we have an unmatched knowledge of hardware and software, and a client-focused point of view to go with it. Our passion is for identifying the core elements of a technology problem through an extensive discovery process and then finding creative and practical solutions to help organizations to grow and thrive.



Thousands of IT Challenges, One Technology Consulting Partner

  • Integrating new hardware or software options to lower costs, increase reliability, or find new profit sources.
  • Migrating applications and data to cloud-based systems for increased security and real-time updates to collaborative projects.
  • Forming contingency plans for data backup, disaster recovery, and facility relocation.
  • Consolidating technology between several different offices, systems, or merging organizations.
  • Custom databases, applications, and communication systems to work in non-traditional offices and business structures.


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At MBC, we have become one of Toronto’s leading IT providers by recognizing that technical know-how is important, but not as critical as getting to know our clients and understanding the situations they face. Our white glove approach to IT isn’t about rushing into a new product or service before we understand what you really need – everything we do begins and ends with your business objectives.


MBC really prioritizes customer satisfaction, the technicians worked very hard to make sure we were ready for our launch date.

Jim O’Neill, CFO, Aldridge Minerals

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