Cloud Storage

Scalable and secure storage for your business applications

Cloud Storage

When you need data scalability, reliability, and security and it isn’t practical at your office, cloud storage is often the solution. MBC can architect, deploy, and manage complex cloud storage requirements for your business applications. From scalable backup storage, redundant arrays for databases, or high performance offsite file servers, MBC will design and run the optimal cloud storage for your application.

MBC’s Cloud Storage datacenter has been located in Canada’s preimere telecommunications hotel at 151 Fronte Street West Toronto for 10 years. With the country’s largest supply of power, cooling, and internet connectivity, 151 Front Street is a world-class facility and is available to MBC’s Clients.


  • World-class facilities at 151 Front Street West, Toronto
  • Redundant Power, Cooling, and Network
  • 10GE Storage Area Networking (SAN)
  • Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Dell, Microsoft, and Cisco Certified
  • 10GE Cisco Nexus Converged Switching Fabric
  • Secure Drive Encryption AES-128 or 256
  • Replication capabilities from DC-to-DC & Office-to-DC


  • Pay for the capacity you need
  • Fast provisioning and upgrades
  • Avoid large capital and maintenance costs
  • Automatic redundancies for protection

Since 2005 MBC delivered an extremely reliable IT environment eliminating downtime – which is critical for a brokerage firm like us.

Jennifer Cooper, COO, Integral Wealth Securities

Manager of Account Services at MBC Managed IT Services

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