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Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services

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Co-Managed Services

Co-Managed IT Services: Do you have full time IT staff but need more from your IT?

We can help fill in the gaps by working side by side with your staff. Co-Managed IT Services allow you to augment your current internal IT skillsets with a responsive and knowledgeable team without the added payroll costs.Co-Managed IT Services allow you to augment your current internal IT skill-sets with a responsive and knowledgeable team without the added payroll costs.

When to Leverage:

The in-house IT staff is focused on IT strategy and employees want faster resolution to IT issues 24/7/365.

· The in-house IT staff can support end-users but requires outside advice regarding the organization’s overall IT strategy and Project implementation.

·A company has entered a rapid growth phase and needs to scale up its IT services to support internal growth.

·Companies have a well-developed, in-house IT staff at their headquarters location but need a reliable solution for remote branch locations.

· The in-house IT staff is looking for a Network Operations Center to monitor the infrastructure 24/7/365.


Productivity: With co-managed IT, support is available 24×7 even if your in-house staff is on vacation or taking sick leave. This increased responsiveness can reduce downtime and in turn, increase employee productivity. Lower

Costs: Because most co-managed IT services are provided for a fixed monthly fee, they offer
businesses greater predictability in terms of their IT expenses as well as lower overall IT costs and reduced overhead.

Increased Security: By outsourcing to MBC, you get access to the latest technology and IT best practices. This reduces the burden on your in-house staff of having to stay ahead of emerging IT security threats and ensures that your company has the best protection possible.

Satisfaction: By leveraging a Managed Services Provider to support your IT team, issues are resolved quicker with access to a vast network of skilled IT professionals and subject matter experts. Employee satisfaction is achieved.

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Co-Managed IT Services

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