MBC Finalist in the 2017 Richmond Hill Board of Trade Business Awards

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Finalists in the 2017 Richmond Hill Board of Trade Business Awards were announced and we are proud to be among them.

2017 Business Award recognizes and honours Excellence in the Richmond Hill Business Community. It distinguishes outstanding achievements in Company Growth, Customers Service, Market Development, Sales & Marketing, Community Service and Innovation.

MBC earned its position as a finalist among several companies for the Innovation Award. This award honours a business that either creates a new product or significantly improves current processes, technology or design.

The Business Excellence Awards Gala is Richmond Hill Board of Trade’s largest and best-recognized event of the year. Awards are given to the winners of each category. The Judges select qualified nominees (finalist) among hundreds of candidates in each category. Of the qualified nominees, one is selected as the winner and will be awarded during the Gala.

The 26th Annual Business Awards Gala will take place next Tuesday, Mar 7th , 2017 and will feature a special performance by the Richmond Hill Philharmonic and Guest Speaker, Marc Saltzman. Richmond Hill Mayor, David Barrow will be presenting the Mayor’s Award at the end of the Gala.

At MBC, we are honoured to be considered and we extend our congratulations to all of our fellow finalists. Stay tuned for the results.

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Author: Yeniffer Padrino on EmailAuthor: Yeniffer Padrino on Linkedin
Author: Yeniffer Padrino
Author: Yeniffer Padrino
Digital Marketing Manager at MBC Managed IT
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