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Globe and Mail Featured Article: A few ideas for Ontario’s much-needed first Chief Digital Officer

Globe and Mail Featured Article: A few ideas for Ontario’s much-needed first Chief Digital Officer

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A Few Ideas Ontario’s Chief Digital Officer. On August 1st, in the Globe and Mail we published an article that highlights a very big win for Ontario. The whole idea is to make government work better for people, and to design digital services and products around users’ needs, not government needs. This is a great idea, and it’s about time.

Our President Michael Benadiba talks about tips for the new Chief Digital Officer and how this change impacts the new millennials.  The fact is that consumers in this country are way ahead of government – any level of government – when it comes to the digital world. The Canadian consumer is tech-savvy and demanding, but is not being well served. “Our company knows this because almost all of our employees are millennials and we are in the technology business.”

This is the challenge for the new chief digital officer. His or her department will have to make it easier to deal with government. Here are some things that should be considered:

  • How to provide a fast, fun, friendly experience built primarily for use on a mobile device. Today, many government services are available only on a Web browser from a desktop computer. Millennials want to use a phone or tablet, not a desktop computer.
  • How to bring different departments and services together so less time is spent managing and updating the person’s government identity with logins and passwords.
  • Ways to provide better integration between provincial and federal systems to keep citizen information synchronized and updated.
  • Upgrades needed for older systems and “legacy” technologies so new ones can be introduced. Without these upgrades, the chief digital officer will be limited in his or her ability to serve the public.

Ontario is correct to identify digital as a need and to establish a mandate for the chief digital officer – the government is to be commended in this regard. Let’s hope it can deliver.

Read the entire article here.

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