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How Can Cyber Security Be Improved?

How Can Cyber Security Be Improved?

This entry was posted on by Michael Benadiba.
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Cyber security is a hot topic these days and for good reason. With technology woven into almost every aspect of business operations and cyber-attacks on the rise as they increase in sophistication, regardless of industry, all organizations must remain vigilant.

Even when organizations have security measures in place, they can still fall victim to ransomware and other phishing attacks. In recent months alone, several large corporations in Canada including Samsung, CarePartners and Olympia Financial Group have all suffered from malicious attacks.

As an organization, it is critical to maintain a security mindset and continually question how can cyber security be improved. In the article below, we will review some best practices to follow.

Implement Training & Buy-in

It is essential that everyone in your organization be aware that they are potential targets for cyber-attacks. Staff need in-depth training so that they are security conscious and able to detect suspicious activities. For the training to be effective and remain top of mind, routinely perform simulated phishing exercises and pop-up tests.

Going a step further from employee training is ensuring that being security conscious is ingrained in your organizational culture. Implementing programs that can create buy-in from associates such as incentives for those that detect, and report vulnerabilities will go a long way in creating a culture that values privacy.

Perform Frequent Backups

Implementing and following a strict backup schedule will help ensure your business has minimal disruption should a ransomware attack ever occur. In addition to backing up frequently, make sure that the backups are being done effectively and store them in multiple locations that are not connected. Make sure that you also test restoring your backups and that your organization’s rebuilding methodologies work without a hitch. Being able to recover your data to the point just before a ransomware attack occurred can keep your business running without hardly skipping a beat.

Do Timely Updates

Don’t hold off updating software or adding the latest security patches. Keep on top of the latest software updates and install as soon as possible. Be sure to also inform all employees after a patch or update to reboot their systems so that the changes take effect immediately.

Use Encrypted Data

As data breaches continue to soar, businesses need to keep their information protected against cyber crime. Using encryption technology is one of the best methods for protecting your data from the eyes of hackers. While encryption technology will not protect your business from cyber attacks themselves, it will make data theft much more difficult.

Encrypting data has several benefits including that it keeps your data secure at all times, but it also protects sensitive personal data. Some businesses are already required to encrypt data to meet industry compliance requirements. Even if your business is not required to encrypt data for compliance purposes, consider doing so to be more secure.

Routine Testing

While your network and data may seem ultra-secure, stay ahead of cyber threats by performing penetration testing. This exercise will access any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your organizational security.

To consider how your cyber security efforts can be improved, get a free assessment today to evaluate your business risk.

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