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How Does Cloud Storage Technology Work?

How Does Cloud Storage Technology Work?

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Many businesses are migrating to cloud solutions and storage options and for good reason. Cloud storage is a more efficient way to manage storage costs over time and increase capacity as needed, on demand. Whether an organization chooses a private, public or hybrid cloud, the main benefits is the vast flexibility. But how does cloud storage technology work? Let us explain below

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is best described as a type of data storage where the digital data is stored in logical sections and the physical storage is spread across multiple servers and in many cases multiple locations. It is a remote platform that uses a multi-tenant and highly virtualized infrastructure that provides businesses with scalable storage solutions. These can be changed on-demand as the organization grows.

Before cloud storage, IT departments were often struggling to manage capacity-strained data-centers. The only solution would often be adding additional physical storage, which was costly and still difficult to manage as the amount of data just continued to soar. Cloud storage provides several advantages over dedicated physical devices, such as:

  • Metered resources
  • Scalability
  • Elasticity
  • Multi-tenancy

Cloud storage resources are allocated via a web-based interface and have several features that position businesses to compete in today’s data-intensive market. These include duplicating resources for disaster recovery operations and distributing resources to ensure instant availability.

With cloud storage, there are typically several data servers available which are connected via the internet. When someone sends a file – either manually or automatically to the data server, the information is then stored and accessible via a web-based interface. The reason that multiple data servers are involved is to ensure constant availability. That way, if one fails, employees can still access their data rapidly.

Types of Cloud Storage

There are several different types of cloud storage solutions available for businesses including public, hybrid and private cloud storage. Each has its differences.

Public cloud storage is available from third party services such as Google Cloud Storage or Amazon AWS. With public cloud service, the infrastructure is built, managed and owned by the storage provider.

Private cloud storage uses storage servers on-site that belong to the company that they are providing the service for. While they do sometimes use virtual machines, everything is usually owned by the company, including all hardware. This gives them complete control over all aspects.

Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of a private cloud and public cloud features. Hybrid cloud combines the public cloud services managed by a third party with the resources that are owned by a business. Often, this can be an ideal solution for enterprise organizations because it balances the need for security with the benefits of scalability, elasticity and cost advantages.

Cloudreach with MBC

If your business wants to leverage the best of on-premise technology, private and public cloud storage, MBC’s unique Cloudreach process is the ideal solution. We ensure that not only the technology is focused on during your cloud adoption, but your people and processes are as well to deliver a flawless execution. We help your organization plan and optimize the cloud to best support your needs while maximizing efficiencies, growth, and expenses.

From our detailed discovery process to seamless execution, experienced support to on-going proactive monitoring, MBC will ensure that your organization is set up for success with your personalized cloud storage solution. To learn more about how we can help your transition, get a free assessment today.

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