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How Does Cyber Security Protect Us?

How Does Cyber Security Protect Us?

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How Does Cyber Security Protect Us?

The process of protecting programs, devices, and networks from cyber-attacks is referred to as cyber security. Cyber-attacks are a major danger to business, especially as they evolve in sophistication and the capacity to destroy. Many are designed to destroy sensitive corporate data, extort money or gain access to internal systems. Simply put, a single cyber-attack has the capability to devastate your business if you are not properly prepared.

If we know that we need protection, how does cyber security protect us and how do you choose the right service provider or strategy? The best defense is strong, multi-layered protection that covers your entire cyber infrastructure including devices, networks, computers, programs and more. The second aspect is ensuring that your employees have the proper training to have the ability to identify cyber threats and make smart cyber defence choices.

To understand how cyber security protects your business, here are the basics that you need to know.

The Components of Cyber Security

Cyber criminals have a number of tactics they use to interfere with business processes, extort money or access/modify/delete sensitive data. A cyber security plan should be in place with your business to defend your systems and devices from malicious attacks. There are three components to effective cyber security:

IT Security – Also referred to as electronic information security, this is the protection of data while it is moving through a network as well as where it is stored. IT security protects both physical and digital data from attackers.

Cyber Security – A subset of IT security, cyber security protecting digital data on networks, computers, and devices from intruders.

Network Security – Is a subset of cyber security and uses software and hardware to protect data that is transmitted via device or computer to your network. Security servers help protect information from being intercepted and stolen or modified.

Types of Cyber Security

There are also different types of cyber security that help protect your business. These are important ones that every organization should have as part of their overall cyber security plan.

Data loss prevention – Policies and procedures are created to prevent data loss and recovering policies are established in the event an attack or security breach occurs. This typically involves policies regarding data storage and setting network permissions.

Application Security – Defends against external threats by using software and hardware, such as firewalls, encryption and antivirus programs.

Education – Cyber security policies are only as strong as the people using them. End-user education in teaching your entire staff what cyber security best practices are and educating them on how they can spot malicious emails or forms, or malware is key.

Types of Cyber Threats

The most common types of cyber threats are social engineering, which manipulates people into performing actions such as clicking on a malicious link, advanced persistent threats where unauthorized users infiltrate a network undetected and malware software that is designed to damage a computer, often undetected by the user.

Typically, cyber-attacks are designed to do one of three tasks:

Confidentiality Attacks – steals sensitive business or personal information like customer credit cards and sells on the dark web.

Integrity Attacks– also called leaks, this is an attempt to sabotage a business’s credibility by exposing sensitive data so that the general public loses trust in the organization.

Availability attacks – blocks users from accessing their own data, typically until a ransom fee is paid.

Keeping Secure

As a business owner, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest cyber defence techniques or have the right skill set in your workforce. This is why many small businesses are choosing to partner with MBC and our team of cyber security experts. To find out how we can protect your business with the latest technology and training, request a free assessment today.

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