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How is Cyber Security Different from Information Security?

How is Cyber Security Different from Information Security?

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How is Cyber Security Different from Information Security

Information security and cyber security are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but are they really the same? While they both have responsibility for protecting computers from threats and breaches, how is cyber security different from information security? The first step in understanding the difference is knowing what the difference between data and information is. Data isn’t always information; it only becomes information when there is a context to understand it. As an example, 120191 is data but if the user understands that this represents a birthdate then it becomes information.

Largely the difference between cybersecurity and information security is that cyber security protects data and information security protects information. Some of the key differences between the two are as follows:

Information Security:

  • Protects information from unauthorized users, modification of data or data removal in order to provide integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
  • Protects data from any form of threat.
  • Protects all information regardless of the realm.
  • Strives to guard against disclosure modification, disruption, and unauthorized access.

Cyber Security:

  • Protects data from outside the resource on the internet.
  • Focuses on protecting the use of cyberspace from any form of cyber attack.
  • Protects anything within the cyber realm.
  • Deals with dangers and threats against cyberspace.
  • Fights against cyber fraud and cyber crime.

Keeping Your Business Secure

Proactive companies today know that they need to take the proper measures to ensure that they have the best cyber security and information securing for their business. Threats can damage more than just data or steal information; the entire functionality of an organization can be brought to a grinding halt with devastating consequences.

At MBC, we partner with businesses to address their cyber and information security needs head-on. We take a number of steps to keep your business secure.

Endpoint Protection: Bring your own device programs are common but can make your network vulnerable through end-user devices. We provide a centrally managed security platform that delivers endpoint protection solutions for mobile devices, workstations, and laptops that connect to your business network.

Security Training: Awareness is essential for protecting your business. We deliver effective security awareness training so that your staff understands how to keep devices and your networks safe. Through our training and implementing policies that promote stronger security, we ensure that your staff can identify and bypass risks.

Firewall: We use a Next-Generation Firewall as an integrated network security platform for your business. This combines the features of unified threat management with advanced security features that analyze web content, behaviour and application to keep your business secure from the latest cyber threats.

Security Center: Our 24-7 event monitoring, managed detection, event handling and security analysis by our security operations center helps to prevent system vulnerabilities and immediately contain cyber threats before they make an impact.

Loss Prevention: We keep your data and information secure from accidental document leaks and malicious attacks so that you always have complete visibility of your critical data and that your information is safe. 

To learn more about how MBC can help your organization with cyber and information security, get a free assessment today.

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