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How Managed Service Providers Prevent Cyber Threats

How Managed Service Providers Prevent Cyber Threats

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Managed service providers bring many different services to the table when they take on a new client. Most managed service providers can offer a wide range of support services including hardware and software maintenance, infrastructure management, cloud migration and support, data management and more. Some managed service providers specialize in specific aspects of computing, such as cybersecurity. In this post, we focus on the latter by studying how managed service providers prevent cyber threats.

How Can Managed Service Providers Prevent Cyber Threats?

For managed service providers who offer cybersecurity services, there is a broad spectrum of assistance that can be provided. It can range from relatively simple services such as email security, password management and data backups to more complex offerings such as monitoring the information flow for irregularities or safeguarding the network from cyberattacks and other suspicious activity. Most managed service providers who concentrate on cybersecurity will also be able to repair and recover systems that have been attacked or damaged. In this day and age when ransomware, phishing expeditions, computer viruses and other cyber threats can cause extensive damage to any organization that uses computer systems, having a full-time cyber defence is virtually compulsory.

How Can a Managed Service Provider Help Your Organization?

Although many large corporations depend on managed service providers for a variety of functions, small and medium-sized businesses often rely the most on the aid of a managed service provider. This is because it’s difficult for smaller organizations to afford a full-sized, full time IT team that can provide the necessary expertise and manpower to completely protect its systems from all the cyber threats that exist. A managed service provider, on the other hand, can completely focus on IT systems and allow the organization to carry on with its core business. And a managed service provider can do this at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house team. If your organization simply cannot afford to operate a full-scale, in-house IT operation, a managed service provider is the easy answer.

What Will a Managed Service Provider Do to Prevent Cyber Threats?

The specifics of the services offered by a managed service provider will depend on the type of help your organization is looking for. As mentioned, different managed service providers may offer different services, so it pays to shop around and find the one that will best meet your needs. If cybersecurity is your biggest worry, you can expect a managed service provider to assess your systems to get a better understanding of where your vulnerabilities may lie. Once those vulnerabilities are identified, the managed service provider will come up with a plan to protect your systems, back them up and, if necessary, restore them to their original condition if they are ever breached. A managed service provider that focuses on cybersecurity should be able to keep your systems and data safe and protected while preventing cyber attacks and limiting downtime. The managed service provider should perform regular assessments of your systems and protect them from both familiar and novel cyber threats.

What Should You Look For In a Managed Service Provider That Prevents Cyber Attacks?

For a managed service provider to properly protect your digital assets, they must have a good understanding of your systems, the data you use and your vulnerability to cyber attack. Once they’ve thoroughly assessed your situation, they should be able to institute best practices, educate your staff, create stable backups, stabilize your computer systems and come up with a disaster recovery plan in case of a worst-case scenario. Look for a managed service provider who can help secure the day-to-day running of your IT systems and offer a comprehensive plan for the protection of your IT assets.

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