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How Many IT Support Staff Do I Need?

How Many IT Support Staff Do I Need?

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How Many IT Support Staff Do I Need

One challenge that many small businesses face is maintaining an appropriate level of IT support staff as their business grows. Especially with Tier 1 Support, your employees need a frontline team that can quickly help them with their computer problems and technical issues. Plus, employees expect that they can reach their IT support anywhere and anytime, not just within standard office hours.

If you have asked yourself, ‘How many IT support staff do I need for my business?’ there isn’t a one size fits all solution. A lot can depend on what your organizational environment looks like as well as the complexity and diversity of your IT footprint and of course, the number of employees that are in your organization.

For example, if your business uses a number of operating systems, uses multiple applications and a wide range of different types of computers and devices, chances are you will have a higher number of help desk tickets compared to an organization that uses one operating system and a standard model of computers. For businesses without a consistent hardware standard and using multiple operating systems and applications, the recommended help desk to staff ratio is 45:1 compared to an organization with a single operating system and standard hardware would be 70:1.

In House IT vs. Managed Services

Whether it is designed to increase productivity or applications that can increase revenue, IT is being looked at to deliver more value to a business. In today’s competitive marketplace, a strategic IT approach is essential, but many small businesses struggle as they have limited resources.

Working with a Managed Service Provider can be an ideal solution for business owners, especially when talent is limited. The list of benefits that a Managed Service Provider can offer is substantial, starting with gaining access to the technical expertise you need to keep your business competitive as well as a fully functional 24-7 Help Desk support

Why Choose MBC’s End-User IT Support

When someone calls an IT Help Desk, they want their problem solved quickly and professionally. If a business does not have enough IT support staff or is strained to maintain service levels, employees get frustrated and productivity is negatively impacted. When you choose MBC’s End User Support, our team of friendly staff is on standby to resolve any issues your employees may have, either remotely or at your office.

Since there is no way to completely avoid a computer, network or software problem or failure, an expert help desk team is the best weapon of defense. At MBC, we understand it is important how issues are handled and that our team always delivers friendly service and communicates in a way that is easy for users to understand without all the confusing tech jargon. Plus, we always want to fix your problem the first time and as quickly as possible. We are proud to maintain a 99.9% satisfaction rating with our users!

If you are trying to decide how many IT support staff your business needs, consider Managed Services with MBC to gain expertise, streamline your resources and have a dedicated 24-7-365 Help Desk at your fingertips. Get a free assessment today!

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