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How Much Are IT Support Services?

How Much Are IT Support Services?

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How Much Are IT Support Services

Managed IT Services are rapidly increasing in popularity largely due to the fact of the significant savings it can bring to organizations. If you are looking for a labour-efficient IT solution for your business, you are probably wondering how much are IT support services? While it is difficult to give an exact answer as pricing will depend on the unique needs of your business, there are some factors and pricing strategies that will influence the cost.

What Is Managed Services?

When looking at costs for Managed Services, it is important to define what Managed Services is and what type of service your business needs. There can be a wide range, however, it is typically some form of external IT experts that assume responsibility for a portion or all of your IT operations, essentially ‘managing’ it for you.

With partially Managed IT Services, your service provider will only manage or provide support to certain parts of your IT infrastructure. What services are required can vary depending on your organizational needs, such as having support for just very complex IT issues, performing backup and administration tasks or assisting an internal IT team for certain tasks,

For many organizations it makes sense to go with fully Managed IT Services, meaning that the Managed Service Provider essentially acts as your business’s IT department and handles all of your IT needs. This includes help desk and ticket support, installing software and updates, performing backups, managing network security architecture and complete end-point protection for all devices and collaborating with your organization’s leadership team to develop strategic IT business plans.

What Affects IT Support Pricing?

The types of services provided and level of involvement are two of the biggest factors that determine what your managed services pricing may be. A fully integrated, yet externally managed IT support team will typically cost more in flat-fees than a monitoring only solution, however, you can have peace of mind that with your fixed monthly cost that you care covered for unexpected expenses that could otherwise cost thousands, plus you essentially have your very own expert IT department.

Another important consideration for pricing Managed IT Services is the complexity of your organization’s infrastructure. What systems, devices, and technology that you use will be factored to determine our complex your business environment is and will play a factor in your contract cost. Some of the technologies that may be considered by a Managed Service Provider could be workstations, remote site connectivity, data centres, end-user devices, business software and more.

At MBC, we offer full-service solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your business. Our IT industry expertise, proactive support approach, multi-layered security suite, qualified staff, and leading tools and systems enable us to provide not only the IT support that you need but a delightful experience as well.

IT support shouldn’t be a hassle. If you would like more information on how MBC can support your business for all your IT needs, get a free assessment today.

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