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How Will Cloud Technology Change the World?

How Will Cloud Technology Change the World?

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How Will Cloud Technology Change the World

While cloud technology may still seem like an abstract concept to some, in essence, it just means storing and accessing data and applications that are housed somewhere on the internet instead of on physical devices in your office or headquarters. In a fairly short time, cloud technology has revolutionized the way that businesses operate as well as how we learn and entertain ourselves as individuals.

So much has changed in the past decade and it is just the beginning for cloud technology. While some people may wonder how will cloud technology change the world, it already has and it will continue to do so. Let’s take a look at how cloud technology has already changed and will continue to change the world.


Without a doubt, the most visible way that cloud technology has impacted the world is via entertainment. Take audio for example. Not too long ago, people purchased a few of their favorite albums on vinyl, cassette tape or compact-disc and listened to what was being broadcast on the radio but didn’t have a choice over the song selection. Now, with internet streaming, people can listen to whatever song they want, whenever they want as the music is stored in the cloud and offered for an affordable subscription price, typically about $10 per month from a number of subscribers such as Google Music or Spotify. Video is much the same as services like Netflix replacing DVDs and VHS tapes.

Cloud entertainment streaming will continue to innovate and change how we keep ourselves entertained. In fact, there is already a term (cord-cutters) used to describe people that are eliminating their cable service and only watching programs online. 

File Sharing and Storage

You may remember having to store data on floppy disks, which could only even store a few megabytes of data. Zip drives, CDs and DVDs came along with more storage space but were still not overly convenient and even outright difficult at times for synchronizing data. Businesses had their own servers, where employees could access and share files, but only if they were in the office.

The cloud has revolutionized how individuals and businesses began to share files. We can now easily access data and pictures from anywhere on any device provided there is an internet connection. While there are many popular cloud-based file-sharing services such as Dropbox or Google Cloud, some businesses choose to use private or hybrid cloud technology to address their needs and storage control requirements.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Performing regular backups has always been something that many businesses forget to do. In the past, even ones that were rigorous about following a routine backup schedule still had limitations. When backups had to be stored on floppy disks or tapes, businesses often failed to store their backups at a different location. Therefore, if a fire or some other disaster struck, both their actual data and backed up files were destroyed. With tapes especially, while easy to store off-site the failure rate was fairly high.

Cloud technology has made it simple for businesses and individuals to backup with ease and confidence that their information is being stored somewhere secure. There are a number of services and apps that can be used to automatically run backups on a defined schedule such as every evening or even several times each hour. If a disaster strikes and backups are required, information can quickly be restored from the cloud to have businesses up and running in no time.


Cloud technology has also changed the way that we learn. Traditionally education from elementary through completion of university was by going to a classroom and listening to a teacher lecture. Online and distance learning has opened the doors to new ways of learning with people even completing full university degrees without stepping foot in a classroom. Web-based learning, eBooks and the ability to share documents and files has allowed people from all over the world to participate in the classes if their choice.

Regular schooling aside, we can now learn about a variety of subjects and topics by streaming videos, speaker talks and how-to tutorials about almost anything imaginable.

Just the Beginning

These examples just scratch the surface of how cloud technology has changed the world. Mobile Apps, Social Media, e-Commerce and even Home Security have all been driven by the cloud and the opportunities that it provides. As it is no doubt cloud technology will continue to develop and grow, in another decade we can be certain that we will have seen an even larger impact in business and personal use from cloud technology.

To find out more about how cloud technology can help drive your business forward, schedule a free assessment today.

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