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Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure Automation

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Infrastructure Automation. At MBC, we have applied our knowledge and expertise to automation providing our clients with efficient error-free processes that can be continuously relied on.

Current State: Your IT Environment

Your infrastructure is key to making sure that everything runs smoothly, safely and with reduced downtime.The problem is a heavy reliance on manual configuration, outdated tools and paper-based processes to manage infrastructure.

“Human error is the No 1 cause of outages” as identified in IDC’s recent survey into the causes of data center downtime

Solution: Infrastructure Automation

MBC has applied our knowledge and expertise to automate infrastructure tasks providing our clients with efficient error free processes that they can continuously rely on. This will leave little room of human error and allow your infrastructure processes to run smoothly while reducing downtime.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient workflows
    Continuous delivery allows for a variety of tasks to be automated with greater efficiency and accuracy
  • Lower Costs
    Significantly reduces the need for manual labor, service delivery time and improves consistency which frees up staff for more strategic projects
  • Better Reliability
    Continuous delivery is more efficient and consistently improves business agility and stability, with monitoring and analytics to track performance, to identify issues before serious risks arise
  • Improved Collaboration
    Integrates with your existing IT tools to automate processes by controlling information flow, notifications and actions according to your predefined processes
  • Faster Updates
    Automation not only streamlines the process of releases but also significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to fix errors. With scheduled scripted updates, there is never a need to wait.

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