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Is Cloud Technology Safe?

Is Cloud Technology Safe?

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Is public cloud secure?

In recent years, cloud computing has become incredibly popular in business as well as individual use. The once common server-based data centers that organizations used are being replaced with third-party cloud solutions. If your business hasn’t yet made the migration, you may be wondering is cloud technology safe? Year over year, cyber threats such as ransomware and data breaches continue to grow and hackers are developing more sophisticated ways to steal sensitive data.

While it may seem strange to store confidential business information somewhere other than in your physical office, cloud technology has robust security measures. In fact, there are three main factors that contribute to cloud safety.


Lost data is almost as bad as stolen data. If your server fails or a hacker has penetrated your systems and gained access to your network, whether files have been lost or held ransom, a business can be brought to a grinding halt and lose months of productivity, not to mention incur a substantial financial loss.

The majority of cloud service providers keep data in multiple locations. This means that if data is lost because of a server failure, it won’t have the devastating effect that relying on a single on-site data center can.

Safe Sharing

Cloud technology offers a number of safe sharing policies. An example that many people are familiar with is Google Docs. Instead of making a copy of a file that could be passed around and fall into the wrong hands, the email of specific users can be entered so that only they can see the file. Unless given permission, they cannot share the information with other users. Sharing policies like this enable much stronger control of your organization’s sensitive data and who can access it.


Cloud technology has a large focus on controlling access. If users follow proper password recommendations and do not share passwords with others, it is incredibly difficult for hackers to access as most data is stored entirely in the cloud at a secure, remote facility. As user connections are encrypted, it is almost impossible for a hacker to follow to trace.

Often, when a hacker breaches data they can do so because they have gained access to sensitive information such as a corporate email address or password. This information is then used to steal data based on the access that they have gained. With cloud technology, access is monitored to keep it controlled and secure. Employees are cyber security experts and are well aware of the latest cyber threats to look out for.

Encryption also ensures confidentiality to sensitive data as when encrypted data is in transit over a network, it is essentially worthless as sensitive information is locked down unless the user has the private key to authorize decryption.

Cloud Computing with MBC

At MBC, we know how important protecting and keeping your business data secure is. Our private cloud service is built for clients that need their applications run in a safe and private environment and offers a number of important benefits compared to public cloud hosting. We also can design a hybrid private cloud architecture to need to unique needs and flexibility requirements that your business may require.

To find out more about MBC’s safe cloud technology and how we can plan your migration roadmap, get a free assessment today.

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