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Is Managed Services the Same as Outsourcing?

Is Managed Services the Same as Outsourcing?

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The terms outsourcing and Managed Services are often used interchangeably when referring to groups that handle an organization’s IT systems and services. While there are some similarities, the word ‘outsourcing’ is typically used as a blanket term for several different business service models that involve using a third-party provider. Managed services, on the other hand, is a specific solution, being more comprehensive than just a cost savings initiative. Below, we will explain what the difference is and how choosing a Managed Service Provider like MBC can help your business thrive.

Outsourcing vs. Managed Services

Outsourcing is when a business is being supplied a service from a third-party provider but does not have them manage the service. For example, a business may implement a service cloud and use a Software as a Service (SaaS) model but they manage their own cloud functionality in-house. If the same company implemented the cloud on a Managed Service model, that provider would also take responsibility for managing the functionality of the cloud service.

It can help to think of outsourcing as a deployment option and Managed Services as a management solution. Managed Services are about much more than the product being provided, it heavily focuses on the right tools, processes, and people. A Managed Service Provider has the right skill set and team to align with the growing needs of your business.

Benefits of Choosing a Managed Service Provider

If you are considering a Managed Service Provider for your IT needs, there are a number of benefits, which can include:

Controlling Operating Costs

When you partner with a Managed Service Provider, your organization can eliminate several employee-related costs. These can include expenses relating to recruitment, hiring, training, employment taxes, medical and retirement plans.

Exceptional Expertise

Equipment aside, Managed Service Providers have the right people with specific technical expertise and skills needed to properly onboard and execute your IT solutions as well as ensure that they are continuously running smoothly.

Better Company Focus

When you do not have to worry about your IT systems and services, you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Working with a Managed Service Provider allows you to focus on your core competencies.

Reduce Risk

Keeping on top of what technology is needed to run your business as well as ensuring that you are protected from cyber crime is time-consuming and expensive. Since Managed Service Providers work with a diverse range of industries and clients, they are on top of industry best practices. This expertise and knowledge can dramatically reduce the risk of making a costly wrong decision.

More Internal Resources

Often, in small businesses, some employees may be naturally good at computers and end up spending time fixing minor problems or helping other co-workers. When this happens, often the position that they were hired to do suffers. When your business works with a Managed Service Provider, you can retain your employees for what their true talent is and not on tasks that can be handled quickly and correctly by experts that are specifically trained in IT support.

The MBC Advantage

When you choose MBC as your Managed Service Provider, you can expect your IT service to be friendly, responsive and packed with the right expertise to resolve any issue you may encounter. Some of the Managed Infrastructure services we provide are:

  • Office and Data Center Protection
  • Managed Applications
  • Managed Servers
  • Business Internet
  • Network Monitoring
  • Managed Backup

To learn more about the advantages Managed Services offers and how MBC can support your IT needs and propel your business forward, get a free assessment today.

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