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Is Private Cloud on Premise?

Is Private Cloud on Premise?

This entry was posted on by Michael Benadiba.
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When researching different cloud solutions, many business owners wonder if a private cloud is on-premise. While it can be, there are actually two types of private cloud models, on-premise and hosted solutions. While both have similar features and advantages, the primary difference involves the level of support required for maintenance. Below, you will learn the difference between private on-premise and private hosted cloud solutions.

Private Cloud: On-Premise

You may also hear an on-premise private cloud being referred to as an ‘internal cloud.’ This private cloud solution is hosted by an organization within their own data centre or office, therefore it provides an internal solution for their business hosting needs.

An on-premise cloud is entirely controlled in house, which provides organizations with complete control over the set-up, which hardware is used and the ability for specific customizations. However, along with the complete control that an on-premise or internal cloud solution provides comes the full responsibility for covering up-front hardware costs, software licensing fees, server costs and other maintenance. Obviously, with an on-premise model, if a hardware component fails, the cost burden falls on your organization.

With an on-premise model, organizations also must have the qualified IT personnel required to monitor and maintain the systems. For larger businesses that already have an established IT department, this isn’t typically a concern, however for a new organization or small business, hiring the right staff and the cost resources that must be allocated to your staffing needs can at times be a challenge.

The top advantages that a private cloud solution offer are:

  • Complete control on scalability, security and configurability aspects.
  • Ability to add and remove additional resources and services as required.

Private Cloud: Hosted Solution

A hosted private cloud solution is one that is owned and operated by a third-party managed service provider. There are a number of advantages to choosing this model, including reducing infrastructure costs. Hosted private cloud solutions also deliver more resources, which allow for greater end-user flexibility and more on-demand scalability.

If your organization is bound by certain compliance regulations, a private hosted cloud solution can assist with expanding security by managing and controlling the physical server. Finally, the support and management provided by a hosted solution can deliver substantial cost savings on both staffing resources and equipment.

Major advantages to using a privately hosted cloud model are:

  • Security management is the responsibility of your third-party managed service provider.
  • Access to user-friendly dashboards and high demand scalability options
  • Lower cost solution due to savings on hardware, labour and maintenance costs.
  • Expert support team service

Making the Decision

What is right for one organization may not be right for another, so the pros and cons of on-premise and hosted solutions need to be carefully factored to find the perfect solution. While an on-premise model may suit one organization due to greater control, another business may not have the financial resources or want the headache of having to maintain, deploy and manage an on-premise model, making a hosted private cloud the perfect solution.

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