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Lessons from the Google Cloud Summit

Lessons from the Google Cloud Summit

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Google Cloud Summit

On October 4, 2018, at the Enercare Center in Toronto, we had the opportunity to attend the Google Cloud Summit. It was a full day of learning what the latest cloud technology has to offer so that we can offer our clients the most benefit from our findings.
It’s not a surprise that the pace at which technology is evolving is faster than ever, but the truth remains that regardless of how advanced the technology is, there is still a need to cater to the specific situation and the solutions are typically some version of the hybrid cloud.
Working closely with a few cloud vendors both public and private, including Google cloud, we have noticed that there are main issues and general takeaways to be considered when re-evaluation your current business set-up in term of cloud use and or implementation.

These include the following:

1. Make sure your infrastructure is up to date

If your technology is not helping you to excel, it is not doing its job. Whether you have a simple on-prem server or a more complex system in place that you have relied on for a decade, it is worth a revisit. It is quite possible that you can achieve the same if not better results with less risk and few costs with the implementation of cloud technology in some capacity.

2. Know where you want to take your IT environment

If you can’t imagine a more productive and more collaborative environment, chances are you won’t be able to build or sustain it. It may be difficult to think beyond how things have always been done, but when you look closely and see that there are more inefficiencies than things that are actually working for your business, you may need help from someone with a fresh new perspective.

3. Use Data that you have wisely

Collecting and storing data is not enough, you need to find ways to aggregate what you know into bite-size bits that you can apply and utilize. It’s been the hype for a while that data is king and should be collected and stored with no real applicable measure in place of how this should be aggregated, processed or used. Now with certain features of the Google cloud, for instance, there is a way to actually mine the data that you have been diligently collecting to find applicable lessons learned so that you can finally apply the knowledge you have attained.

4. Prioritize customer experience

The bottom line to any businesses well-being is how happy its clients are and no fancy technology, innovation, and brilliance will ever replace this. That is why when building out your business, processes, and environment, a business owner should always be considering the customer experience. Cloud technology implementation is no exception.
While cloud implementation may offer benefits such as cost savings, openness, flexibility, scalability, future proofing, efficiency, and security, it must be done properly and thought in terms of your current business needs.

Looking for more information on how to best leverage the cloud, have a look at our CloudReach program, which looks at your current state and sets you up to unleash the power of cloud technologies.

Ready to take it one step further? Try the cloud assessment  to see where you currently stand. We are always here to help you navigate through your cloud journey to best suit your business needs.

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