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Network Monitoring


The absence of accurate IT inventory or monitoring is like driving blindfolded -a risky proposition. How much space do we have left? Are any systems about to fail? What devices and software do we own? What are the specifications? When do warranties expire? Are backups completing successfully each night? When does our Domain Name expire? Your IT systems run your business and unfortunately, casual spot-checks of IT health is not good enough. Monitoring systems were invented to solve this problem. The MBC Expert Service Desk uses enterprise-class monitoring tools to continuously stay on top of your network.

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is installed on every device we manage, providing a health-check and immediate alerting on uptime, capacity, hardware failures, and more. The MBC Network Monitoring Service also ties into your backup systems, Domain Names, and all critical IT areas of your business.

Network Monitoring Enables:

  • Monitoring and Alerting of all Managed Devices
  • Complete Asset Inventory
  • Ongoing Health and Status
  • Network Availability
  • Desktop and Service Host Capacity
  • Domain Name Services (DNS) Expiry
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Expiry
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Backups Success / Failure
  • Firewall Health

Managed Infrastructure Services

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MBC really prioritizes customer satisfaction, the technicians worked very hard to make sure we were ready for our launch date.

Jim O’Neill, CFO, Aldridge Minerals

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