Managed Servers

Obtain high level of performance and reliability from your technology.

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Managed Servers

MBC’s Managed Servers are the perfect solution for any Toronto company that needs a high level of performance and reliability from their technology, the security that comes from third-party management, and the freedom to focus on their own business. In other words, if you want an IT provider who can work behind the scenes to make technology work for you, then our premium managed services plans could be the perfect answer.

A key component of our managed services plan, MBC’s Managed Servers give you the edge in performance, security, and flexibility that you would expect from Toronto’s IT leader. And because we maintain them off-site on our facility, you can get it all with a smaller investment of time and money than you could get from an in-house technology department.

Our managed dedicated servers give you the flexibility to set up your company’s technology in a way that makes sense for your organization, with the assurance and peace of mind that comes with having Toronto’s premier IT provider behind you. That means your company gets cutting-edge technology, managed by trained professionals, and a secure location that’s closely monitored by our team of server specialists.

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Do you want to maximize the performance and reliability from your technology?


  • Server protection with the strongest, most current security programs available
  • Up to date operating systems for industry-specific applications and virus protection
  • Data Backup scheduled at regular intervals
  • Perform preventative maintenance on hardware and software
  • Provide 24/7/365 support and coverage

MBC really prioritizes customer satisfaction, the technicians worked very hard to make sure we were ready for our launch date.

Jim O’Neill, CFO, Aldridge Minerals

MBC Clients

Learn how our clients are achieving amazing results. We focus on your IT Network so you can focus on what you do best.

CloudReach Advantage

CloudReach is MBC’s unique service model that helps businesses take advantage of crucial cloud technologies for growth by optimizing their corporate technology environment. CloudReach is scalable and flexible, allowing customers to leverage the best of cloud and on-premise IT technologies to maximize their budgets for efficiencies and growth.

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