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MBC Covid-19 Update

MBC Covid-19 Update

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Covid update

Dear Customers and Partners,

In response to events regarding the most recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, now labeled as Covid-19, we would like to inform you about the precautions and actions that MBC is taking to ensure that we are here for our clients and doing our part to keep our community safe and our businesses running.

We have reviewed the recent announcement by the Government of Ontario and have determined that MBC Managed IT Services is considered an Essential Business under the closure order and is therefore exempt.

As part of essential services, MBC Managed IT Services plays a vital role as a Managed Services Technology provider with clients that are Manufacturing, Frontline workers, Logistics, Healthcare, and many more. As we all come together to battle COVID-19, MBC Managed IT Services is committed to helping organizations in this time of need.

We continue to implement strict precautionary measures in accordance with government and public health recommendations. We will continue to do everything within our power to help during these uncertain times. MBC Managed IT is open to organizations during this COVID-19 pandemic. If your organization is in need for IT Support Services, MBC is here to help.

The following are updates, precautions that are being taken by MBC to insure that service is delivered safely with minimal interruptions during this uncertain time.


MBC staff have been configured with the ability to work from home with remote access to all required tools and resources. During this imposed quarantine in the GTA, customers will be able to access MBC support services as usual, and continue to receive support via remote support methods. During this time, on-site service may be impacted or delayed depending on the scope .  The support team continues to work diligently to respond as quickly as possible to all requests.

Special Precautions for Onsite Works

Where safe, MBC will continue to provide onsite services, including project and deskside support. If your hours of operation or policy on visitors changes, please let our team know so we may accommodate.
We have implemented additional safety measures to protect our team and your team:
• Sanitizing external surfaces of equipment entering or leaving MBC
• Reminding all employees of their duty to refuse unsafe work
Empowering our technicians to adopt one or more precautions when on site:
• Washing hands immediately before and after handling equipment
• Wearing gloves
• Sanitizing keyboards, mice, and work surfaces before commencing work
Maintaining social distancing while onsite

Supply Chain

We are also seeing supply chains beginning to stabilize. We suggest any needed equipment orders are made well in advance of needing the equipment to ensure the least interruption to your business.

Cyber Security

Security is a heightened issue during these times. While we have been focused on an appropriate response to address the risks associated with COVID-19, we wish to advise you that we feel this also presents a rare opportunity for Cyber Criminals to attempt to take advantage of the situation in order to further spread malicious software. As such, MBC will be conducting additional security hardening measures across managed infrastructure and end user equipment over the coming days to ensure customer systems are best protected. Other than the possible need to reboot your device, we do not anticipate any negative impact to your operations. You will be notified in advance if such a reboot is required.

The government has also issued a document to this respect and here are few things to be aware off.

We will also be continuously be posting and educating the public on cyber security tips for remote working.

Should you have any questions, we are here to answer them.

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