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Security-First Managed IT Services

Security-First Managed IT Services

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Our Mission is to deliver Delightful IT which is a customer success model that ensures our partners are receiving an unparalleled client experience where we continually anticipate, meet, and exceed client expectations in a delightful way. Our promise is to be experts in our field, responsive, and always provide honest solutions that are in the best interest of our customers.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We take IT services to the next level by guaranteeing customer satisfaction right in our service level agreement. Through our ‘Happy Meter’ system, we measure our success by ensuring the people that use our services daily are always delighted.

Cyber Security Experts

SMBs are an attractive target to cyber criminals due to their lack of resources to defend against such attacks. Do not be a victim, let MBC protect your business and valuable information to ensure you are protected across all areas of your IT environment.

MBC Private Cloud

When you need data scalability, reliability, security, and it is not practical at your office, cloud is often the solution. MBC can architect, deploy, and manage complex cloud requirements for your business.

Virtual CIO Services

MBCs VCIO services includes stages of discovery, strategy, and planning. We will learn what makes your business tick; what your short-term, long-term, and pie-in-the-sky goals are to deliver a comprehensive IT Roadmap and budget plan with a process for seamless execution.

IT Automation

MBC has applied knowledge and expertise to automate infrastructure tasks providing our clients with efficient error free processes that they can continuously rely on. This will leave little room for human error and allow your infrastructure processes to run smoothly while reducing downtime.

Easy to Switch

MBC has a comprehensive onboarding program to assess the capabilities of the current technology stack and benchmark it against clearly defined business goals and requirements. We then seamlessly take over and will have eyes and ears on everything with plans set in motion for a fully monitored future-proof, and secure environment.


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Pavel Odnoletkov
Pavel Odnoletkov
Head of Marketing at MBC Managed IT Services
With more than 20 years of experience, Pavel leads MBC’s marketing efforts.
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