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Flexible and secure network technology for business solutions


As part of our Enterprise Cloud services, we engineer the optimal cloud networking infrastructure. Our solutions provide maximum flexibility to businesses by combining the world-class security and scalability of our Private Cloud network with advanced office network connectivity solutions. This enables your business to reliably, and cost effectively grow beyond the physical walls of your offices with innovative solutions for your users and customers.

Networking Infrastructure


  • Cisco and SonicWall networks
  • Logical and physical network security
  • Dedicated IP ranges and subnets
  • External and internal monitoring 24x7x365
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity
  • Office LAN extensions for fast cloud access
  • Business DSL Internet Access


  • Secure “your network only” data layer
  • Capable of extending your office to the cloud
  • Improve productivity of remote users
  • Enables seamless growth
  • Compatible with business applications and VoIP solutions

MBC really prioritizes customer satisfaction, the technicians worked very hard to make sure we were ready for our launch date.

Jim O’Neill, CFO, Aldridge Minerals

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