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MBC Vulnerability Management

MBC Vulnerability Management

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As cybercrime continues to expand at an alarming rate, we proactively seek new solutions to protect our customers and deter attacks. Our response goes beyond vulnerability scanning and includes remediation of threats out of the box – MBC Vulnerability Management.

What is Vulnerability Management?

Every year, thousands of new vulnerabilities are discovered, requiring organizations to patch operating systems, applications and hardware in their IT environment.

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, categorizing, prioritizing, and resolving these vulnerabilities in the cloud and on-premises.

MBC Vulnerability Management

  • We go beyond just external network scans;
  • We have the required infrastructure;
  • We have the required expertise and skills;
  • Our solution is priced for small businesses.


  • Visually map your network with our graphical host map;
  • Prioritize remediation by assigning business impact to each asset;
  • Organize hosts to match the structure of your business — e.g., by location or company department;
  • Control which hosts can be scanned by which users;
  • Continuously monitor your perimeter for unexpected changes with Continuous Monitoring service;
  • Dynamically tag assets to automatically categorize hosts by attributes like network address, open ports, OS, software installed, and vulnerabilities found.

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