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Mississauga News Article Feature: Expert says Human Firewall is the best Defense Against Costly Ransomware Cyber-Attacks

Mississauga News Article Feature: Expert says Human Firewall is the best Defense Against Costly Ransomware Cyber-Attacks

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Firewall is the best Defense Against Costly Ransomware Cyber-Attacks. It is sophisticated, technical and so malicious it has brought several high-profile Canadian corporations temporarily to their knees.

But the remedy is basic.

So explains Michael Benadiba, president of MBC Managed IT Services, which has established a solid reputation in the Greater Toronto Area for implementing systems to ward off these malicious business-crippling computer viruses.

“The solution is not a technical one,” says Benadiba. It is the simple and time-honoured strategy of training the human element that will best ward it off.

MBC is based in Richmond Hill but services local clients including Mississauga’s Multiview Locates Inc., located on Matheson Boulevard.

“People are always your weakest link,” confirms Kevin Vine, president of this professional services firm that specializes in concrete scanning, utility locating, subsurface utility engineering, hydro excavation, sewer camera inspections and near-surface geophysics.

“Most companies have security features, but if a person clicks on the wrong thing it may still be very damaging. Many suspicious emails are quite clever, playing on a person’s trusting nature. Humans are always the most difficult part of this. But people are very responsive to training.”

Vine says Multiview often incorporates such training in its quarterly annual all-staff meetings.

The debilitating software, unleashed by shadowy hackers from unknown locations around the globe, usually enters an unsuspecting company’s server via an attachment sent to an employee. It is often disguised as an invoice in need of correction. However, the staffer could also let in the hidden software by going to a dangerous site that has the virus embedded in it. One wrong click and the hungry virus gets to work encrypting all files on the individual’s computer and then the data on all connected servers. Soon, no corporate documents are readable.

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