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Case Study

Rayson Legal Improves IT Performance While Bolstering Security and Flexibility for Data Access

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Rayson Legal is a boutique law firm located in the heart of Richmond Hill, Ontario. With decades of experience practicing primarily in the field of Family Law, often considered the most complex area of law, the Rayson team are proud of having successfully addressed various related issues, from trust, property, support and custody to child mobility and abduction cases under the Hague.

The Challenge

When the Rayson leadership team contacted MBC, the company had been using a 5-year-old server, which was unstable and required a daily reboot.  The primary concern was the potential corruption or loss of data, but also the looming fear that one day it simply would not boot up. Another challenge was that the employees could only access files remotely through a VPN connection which requires permanent internet connectivity. This is not always reliable at a courthouse, so lawyers downloaded files onto their devices instead of accessing them from the server.  Additionally, the staff used a legacy business application which required them to be on the internal network (in the office) to run the program, however the office lawyers are often offsite and need the ability to work anywhere and access everything easily.


  • Work from Anywhere! 
  • Stable, Secure and Scalable!
  • Cost Savings of 18% Monthly!
  • Satisfied Employees!
  • The flexibility Rayson was looking for!

The Solution

When asked to help solve these problems, MBC designed a hybrid solution which would simplify how Rayson’s employees work and satisfy all the challenges using the following technologies:

Public Cloud: MBC migrated all company-data to Microsoft SharePoint, along with employees’ personal drives to Microsoft OneDrive for business. The elegance of this solution allows Rayson to benefit from the stability of access to their data for a low monthly fee without investing in new hardware. Additionally, it opens an opportunity for employees to share data with clients using secure links and offline files with a “work from anywhere” solution. Lastly, Rayson utilizes the public cloud for identity management Microsoft Azure AD and leverages Microsoft Teams for real-time employees.

MBC Private Cloud: MBC migrated Rayson’s business-critical applications to MBC Private Cloud, a solution designed for customers to have their applications run in a best-in-class safe and reliable private cloud environment. This allowed Rayson to preserve access to the legacy applications which cannot be migrated to the public cloud but can only be run on a local server. It also creates a seamless user experience for accessing the data between all these resources from anywhere where the internet is available.

Security and Backup: to bolster security, the MBC team implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for users who needed access to MBC Private Cloud and to the Microsoft 365 application suite. MBC also encrypted the individual hard drives with Microsoft BitLocker to ensure the data is protected. As an additional benefit, MBC provided Rayson with a daily backup of their cloud infrastructure with a 7-day data retention.


MBC really prioritizes customer satisfaction, the technicians worked very hard to make sure we were ready for our launch date.

Jim O’Neill, CFO, Aldridge Minerals

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