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ROI of Managed IT Services

ROI of Managed IT Services

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The ROI of Managed IT Services

ROI of Managed IT Services : Rely on an experienced, well rounded IT team that is responsive, knowledgeable and honest for a fraction of your current IT spend.

Traditionally, when IT professionals and top-mangement discuss the ROI of an IT investment, they were mostly thinking of “financial” benefits. Today, business leaders and technologists also consider the “non financial” benefits of IT investments.

Financial Benefits include impacts on the organization’s budget and finances, e.g., cost reductions or revenue increases.

Non Financial Benefits include impacts on operations or mission performance and results, e.g., improved customer satisfaction, better information, shorter cycle-time.


• For 30+ users, more than 1 IT specialist is required on staff
• You are looking at a minimum of 11k per month on salaries alone. Off hours – not included.
• The breadth of expertise can be limiting and IT innovation suffers
• Turnover is high and staffing will be tough
• Your senior resource is on vacation and you have a network outage


One monthly fee for total IT support
A comprehensive solution to manage and monitor your entire infrastructure
Structured response and maintenance agreement
Support plan that is tailored to your needs
Strategic approach to IT management, build on a solid tactical execution
Total alignment of your budgets and goals


Learn more about the ROI of Managed Services and how it can benefit your business.

ROI of Managed IT Services

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