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With nearly 15 years of providing IT services, we understand the challenges faced by small and medium businesses and how they impact IT. We also understand the challenges faced by IT providers to consistently deliver high-quality service that’s expected by these businesses. The fundamental problem: small and medium businesses need access to the latest IT services to support their growth without the costs that come with full-time IT departments. IT providers need to create service models that enable their clients to grow while being responsive, professional, proactive, and cost effective. Not an easy task.

MBC solves this problem in two ways. The first is through education, consulting, and clearly managing its client’s risks and expectations. By providing an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA), MBC’s Clients are guaranteed to receive the best response times, resolution times, monitoring, data integrity, and professional service in the industry. However, this alone is not enough to deliver the level of service required by small and medium businesses today.

Embedded within the MBC Service Level Agreement is the Employee Satisfaction Guarantee, something very unique and critical to our service delivery process. The Employee Satisfaction Guarantee is a structured process to gather, score, and track end user feedback from every one of our Clients.

Our objective is to ensure the end users of your company (your employees) are pleased with our service, and your score ties directly into how we manage our staff. If your score falls below our target, a process is initiated to resolve the issue and process appropriate service penalties.


  • Surveys embedded within each of our support tickets
  • Feedback from the end-users (your employees
  • Directly tied into Service Level Agreement (SLA) penalties
  • Part of MBC’s staff management program
  • Accurate, proactive, and constructive feedback
  • Ensures prompt action to service issues

Since 2005 MBC delivered an extremely reliable IT environment eliminating downtime – which is critical for a brokerage firm like us.

Jennifer Cooper, COO, Integral Wealth Securities

Manager of Account Services at MBC Managed IT Services

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