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Sizing up your IT needs

Sizing up your IT needs

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Sizing up your IT needs

Let’s talk about sizing up your IT needs. Every company will need IT services, which will vary according to the firm’s size and stage. Companies may choose to fulfill their needs either in-house or by outsourcing help from a managed IT services firm like MBC. From our clients with various sized firms, we have noticed few trends.

Small companies that are just starting up (2 to 15 users)

Basic IT Procurement
Whatever your business needs, be they laptops, desktops, servers or any other equipment, it’s important to make sure you get up-to-date machinery to realize the most value for your spend.

Setting up basic infrastructure and an IT environment
A proper setup ensures efficiency from the get-go, like a sound foundation for a house, along with future proofing your environment to match your business growth.

Ongoing help desk for Ad-Hoc issues
Issues will always arise, which is why ad-hoc assistance 24/7/365 can be very valuable.

Growth stage (planning to expand significantly within 12 months)

Strategic planning for growth to accommodate an increase in activity and staff
As a company grows, so does the need for strategic thinking. With business needs taking priority, your IT may not be top of mind, but a technology mishap or some downtime can really hurt your bottom line. It is prudent to take a proactive strategic approach to IT at this stage.

Expanding infrastructure environment
Expansion means building on the solid foundation and that too can be done efficiently to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Understanding hybrid cloud technology and how it may allow for rapid expansion
Cloud technology is a very important consideration during the middle stage. Most progressive companies understand that using some form of hybrid cloud is both beneficial and cost-effective.

Ongoing help desk for Ad-Hoc issues
Ad-hoc assistance 24/7/365 is helpful with businesses of every size and at every stage.

Larger organizations (20+)

Proactive monitoring
The larger your organization becomes, the harder it is to have eyes everywhere. Being able to detect a problem before it becomes bigger trouble could make a significant difference for your business.

Road mapping
Road mapping takes into account what’s been happening in your business and what needs to happen going forward. Read more about the MBC Road Mapping process.

Ongoing help desk for Ad-Hoc Issues
A variety of issues may arise, some will most definitely be more critical then others, making response within an hour for critical issues a must at later stages.

Regardless of the size of the company, all MBC clients receive wide variety of enterprise level services.

As always, MBC is here to guide your business through whatever IT challenges you are facing and help you put in place the most efficient and reliable IT system for your company’s size and stage of development.

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