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Smart devices and Smart Businesses

Smart devices and Smart Businesses

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Smart phone and recharger

Smart devices have been making a buzz everywhere, from smart TVs to smart refrigerators, lights, blinds, etc. As the new norm in more and more aspects of our lives, smart homes are now filled with all sorts of gadgets powered by voice, including various speaker devices such as Alexa. Asking your virtual assistant to bring up your playlist, adjust the lights, change the temperature or order items online is no longer out of the ordinary.

Businesses may not be as quick to see such items as useful or necessary, but many business owners are coming to understand how this type of technology can benefit them. Here are some areas where we can now see smart technology applied to the business world.

Personal Assistant AI

As in the home, businesses have to-do lists that are more easily accomplished with the help of devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, from calling contacts to dictating emails or keeping your schedule synced and conflict free. Once the adaptation takes place, especially for businesses with smaller budgets for human resources, such devices can help free you and your staff from mundane tasks and allow time for more creative and interactive processes.

These types of devices are also a great introduction to the world of AI, which can later be useful when adopting this form of technology for more complex issues such as IT automation or various security provisions.

Smart Security

Smart technology provides security, including smart cameras capable of monitoring activities taking place inside and outside that you can monitor right on your smartphone. There are now smart doorbells and locks allowing you to remotely interact with your door and grant access to the premises, as well as various sensors and identity recognizers.

On a less physical and more digital front, AI developments in the cybersecurity space help bridge the gap in the personnel and skill sets available to smaller companies. Such applications drastically reduce the time needed for threat detection and incident response, being alert the IT department in real time. These technologies are also able to prioritize threats and increase the efficiency of human analysis.

Smart Comforts

The comfort of a work space can do a lot to improve productivity while saving you money. Work space comfort can be controlled by AI with devices like smart lighting systems and smart thermostats. Both can be programmed and run in a way that accommodates the needs of staff while saving energy during downtime, all of which helps with efficiencies and avoiding unnecessary spending.

It can be a challenge to plunge into the AI world, but with small incremental steps, you will quickly see the advantages of increased efficiency and productivity. In the current business environment, every business owner can benefit from any and every slight advantage.

MBC, as your IT Department, will be there to help you make the first steps or, if you have already begun your AI journey, help you iron out the wrinkles to make sure you are reaping the most from it. In the Security area, working with MBC will provide access to enterprise-level security tools no matter the size of your business or your budget. Click here to request a free quote!

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