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Tammy Nyman Named Among Top Women in Cybersecurity

Tammy Nyman Named Among Top Women in Cybersecurity

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MBC’s Executive Vice President Tammy Nyman Is Honoured as one of Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity by IT World Canada

We are excited to announce that MBC’s Executive Vice-President Tammy Nyman has been selected by an independent panel of judges to be honoured as one of Canada’s 2022 Top Women in Cybersecurity!

As the EVP at MBC Managed IT Services, Tammy oversees operations, professional services, sales, and marketing, and has been instrumental in leading MBC to become one of the earliest security-first MSPs in Canada, who focuses on the most underserved market: small businesses. Although Tammy Nyman is not a security specialist, she is a true security expert, whose advocacy for cybersecurity for small businesses cannot be underestimated. Tammy’s passion for modernization, security, and operational excellence in the workplace has helped her in developing and launching the Network Security Operations Centre (NSOC), a unique internal team within MBC that focuses exclusively on providing state-of-the art security services to the company’s clients. Mrs. Nyman was also instrumental in creating the effective go-to-market strategy that communicates the threats and dangers of cyberattacks for small businesses, including the ramifications of small business breaches that lead to attacks on the larger enterprises. Tammy takes it upon herself to stay abreast of the daily developments in the cybersecurity world, and curates social media campaigns that focus on spreading cybersecurity tips and advice.

The IT Security industry has historically been a tough one to break into for women, especially when it comes to the leadership positions, and MBC believes that Tammy deserves this award for her diligent work raising awareness about cyber security issues and helping our client companies, – many of which are also women-led, – become safer, more successful, and serve their customers in a better, more secure way. We are really happy to see Mrs. Nyman receive recognition for her drive, her experience, and her passion. We are sure it will inspire many other women to aspire higher achievements and grant them confidence to be more assertive and passionate in the workplace – just like Tammy is!

“I am honoured to join this amazing group of women, who are being recognized for their professional contributions in the field of Cybersecurity,” said Tammy Nyman. “It is very empowering and I hope this initiative inspires more women to dedicate their careers to making the cyberspace more secure.

According to IT World Canada, the response to the call for nominations was enthusiastic, with more than 170 nominations submitted for consideration. The competition was fierce, but the judging panel found Tammy’s experience, qualification, and contribution to the cybersecurity community in Canada very impressive and deserving to rank her solidly in the top 20!

For more information please visit IT World Canada’s website.

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