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Top Benefits of Managed Services

Top Benefits of Managed Services

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The majority of modern organizations rely on some type of information and computing technology to run their businesses. Often, any problems or downtime have to be taken care of by the organization themselves. But as computing services and information technology become more complex, the ability of an organization to take care of its own systems diminishes rapidly. This is where delegating the role of computing operations to a managed service can come in very handy. If your organization is debating the top benefits of managed services, we’ve put together this list to shed more light on the topic.

Reduced Costs

By employing a managed service provider to take care of your IT and computing infrastructure needs you’re no longer required to maintain a dedicated in-house IT team. Managed service providers can take on multiple clients which allows them to defray the costs of equipment, repairs and upgrades. Paying a monthly fee to a managed service provider is most often substantially cheaper than sustaining an in-house IT team.

24 Hour Service

Managed service providers work remotely to keep an eye on your computing infrastructure. This allows for constant monitoring of your systems – even after you’ve left the office and gone home. The ability of a managed service provider to supervise your systems at all hours of the day and night ensures that any problems are noticed and rectified as soon as they occur.

Reduced Downtime

If your systems go down for any reason or at any time, a managed service provider is dedicated to getting things back up and running as soon as possible. The same can’t often be said for an in-house IT team that goes home at the end of the day and doesn’t return until the next morning or after the weekend. The sole purpose of a managed service provider is to minimize any downtime no matter when it might occur.

Division of Labour

Many employees of small and medium-sized businesses are responsible for a wide variety of tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the entire venture. Unfortunately, taking on too many disparate assignments means that some things may get forgotten or not done properly. When it comes to functions as important as connectivity and computing services you don’t want them relegated or done poorly due to worker overload. Managed service providers take care of all your IT needs and allow your workers to focus on the business of doing business.


Ensuring your business or organization can grow or contract quickly and easily as needed is a large part of remaining competitive in today’s business environment. Doing this in-house can be both costly and resource-intensive. Managed service providers are equipped to deal with rapid expansions and upgrades (or contractions and downgrades) that could cause significant disruption if you were required to carry them out in-house. A managed service provider provides your business with flexibility when it comes to rapid change.


Because managed service providers deal with a wide variety of businesses and industries, it’s very likely that they already have experts in place to deal with the situations that your business is experiencing. An in-house team is unlikely to have access to or experience with new equipment or technologies until they’re provided with them. Nor will they likely know what to do in situations they’ve never experienced before. A managed service provider has to prepare itself for all possibilities and situations affecting a variety of businesses and industries. Their expertise in a wide range of circumstances allows you to have more confidence in their capabilities.

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