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Top Reasons to Use Managed Services in 2022

Top Reasons to Use Managed Services in 2022

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As the business world slowly gets back to a “new normal” after a couple of years of Covid uncertainty, a digital changeover has irreparably altered the business practices of many companies. More small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have become reliant on digital technology even though they may not have the expertise to confidently navigate it. This is where managed service providers come into play. The top reasons to use managed services in 2022 are included in this list.

Core Business Focus

Many SMBs are stretched when it comes to keeping the core functions of their business operating smoothly. Adding IT responsibilities often takes focus away from those core business functions. By using a managed service provider, companies and their employees can focus on their primary business model while allowing a separate team of experts to worry about the infrastructure supporting that model.


Cybercriminals have slowly changed the target of their attacks over the past 20+ years. Originally, it was mainly the home user who would face the brunt of computer viruses and other digital trickery. Nowadays, SMBs and large corporations are more frequently targeted with ransomware and data theft. Hiring a managed service provider can add a trusted layer of security to a business that may be vulnerable to devastating digital attacks. Cybersecurity has become a cost of doing business in the 21rst century and managed service providers generally offer the strongest and most economical protection.

Damage Recovery

For an organization exposed to a cyberattack, quickly getting back to business as usual is usually the primary concern. A managed service provider needs to stay informed about all types of security breaches and will be able to implement a damage recovery plan that gets your company back on its feet sooner rather than later. More than most, a managed service provider understands that downtime and data loss is unacceptable. It’s in their mandate to ensure that any recovery process minimizes disruption.

Return on Investment

Employing a full-time IT team is expensive. Keeping them educated and up to date about the latest in technology and security threats is a large task that costs both time and money. Outsourcing these types of capabilities will generally reduce costs and increase ROI. Using a managed service provider ensures that the technological side of the business will continue to run smoothly at a lowered cost.

Access to the Latest Technology

Most managed service providers will be on constant alert to new technologies and have the ability to share them with their clients. The cost for an SMB to continually upgrade its technology and expertise can be detrimental to the core business processes. Many managed service providers can cycle hardware and knowledge through their clients as the business conditions warrant. For an SMB to undertake those costs on their own can use up vital financial and human resources that are better used elsewhere.

Pathways to Growth

Partnering with a managed service provider can provide clients with technological information that can forge pathways to future growth. Especially for organizations that have core businesses not directly focused on computers and IT, having an expert opinion of what’s coming down the pipeline in terms of technology can help open up new horizons for the business. Managed service providers can lend their technological knowledge in a way that helps their clients grow.

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