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Veeam Backup

Veeam Backup

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Understanding the challenges of business continuity in the face of disaster is an ever evolving battle as organizations face changes in the people, processes and technologies that run a modern business. Veeam Data Platform advances enterprise‑grade recovery and ensures confidence in the face of disaster or cyber‑attacks.

Managed Utility

IT Services provide the base of our multilayer approach and are designed to address the core Backup and Disaster Recovery technology components such as Cloud Storage, Compute,
and Licensing.

Veeam Licensing and Support: simple Per VM/agent model provides easy budgeting and
Veeam Backup Repositories: Standard, Immutable, and Archive repository tiers provide
the flexible secure storage options.
Disaster Recovery Infrastructure: Mix and Match Cold, Warm and Hot Recovery options to
meet your Recovery Time Objective and your

Managed IT Services

Don’t have the day to day operational support for your Veeam environment? MBC Managed IT
Services can take on the task! Our team can take over day to day operations, apply best practices, and monitor 24/7/365 for any potential issues.

Veeam for Azure, and AWS: management of Veeam for Azure of Veeam for AWS within your
Veeam Backup and Replication: managed and Monitored on premise, in a datacenter, or in the
Veeam One and Enterprise Manager: enterprise features are only helpful if implemented correctly. Our team makes sure you get the most out of the advanced capabilities of Veeam

vCIO Business Continuity

Our vCIO practice around Business Continuity examines the core business services,
stakeholders, and technologies in use and provides a business impact assessment
highlighting risks within the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan.

Once the business requirements are documented, the vCIO works to develop a Business Continuity Playbook, interfaces with your change management processes to ensure a DR centric view of change and lastly addresses, reporting, forecasting and technology reviews to ensure  best use of the technologies and services available today and tomorrow.


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