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Implementing Business VoIP

Businesses large and small can enjoy streamline communications and collaboration solutions with a Voice over IP (VoIP Services) phone system. These next generation telephony solutions integrate your traditional telephone and voicemail services into a complete suite of mobile communications tools for your employees. MBC is a proud Cisco Partner for over 5 years and hold Cisco certification specializations in VoIP collaboration and unified communications technologies. Our solutions go beyond basic VoIP capabilities to include full unified communications such as voice, video chat, web conference, notifications, mobile, and instant messaging. Employees can collaborate using each technology individually or all of them simultaneously, and from a single, easy-to-use interface.

VoIP Solutions Include:

  • MBC has strategically partnered with Cisco and Beanfield to reduce telephony costs
  • Reduce the voice infrastructure maintenance costs of your business by merging those services with your existing data network
  • VoIP technologies provide flexibility to your business; easily add, move, or change phone extensions and locations
  • Empower users to work from anywhere, and give businesses mobility and freedom to service staff on the go
  • Embrace and support a BYOD (bring your own device) mobile management model.

Since 2005 MBC delivered an extremely reliable IT environment eliminating downtime – which is critical for a brokerage firm like us.

Jennifer Cooper, COO, Integral Wealth Securities

Understanding the benefits of VoIP for business

Are you looking to save money, improve employee productivity, and streamline communications? Moving your business to a Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system can help cut legacy costs, reduce long distance fees, and enable mobile team collaboration.

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