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What Advantages Can Cloud Technology Offer to Businesses?

What Advantages Can Cloud Technology Offer to Businesses?

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What Advantages Can Cloud Technology Offer to Businesses

Businesses all over the world of all sizes and industries are turning to use cloud technology at a rapid pace. A recent survey by an organization called RightScale documented that both public cloud and private cloud adoption have increased in the past year and predict even more growth in 2020 due to the overwhelming number of benefits that running a business with cloud technology allows. So, what advantages can cloud technology offers to businesses? Below, we will explain exactly what cloud computing is and why so many companies are choosing to migrate to the cloud.

Cloud Computing 101

The cloud-shaped symbol associated with cloud computing represents the unique infrastructure that facilitates the work of hardware, software, remote services, and computing. Cloud computing is based on the internet. Previously, systems and applications needed to be downloaded to a physical server or device that a business owned. Cloud computing allows users to access applications via the internet and data can be processed and stored by remote servers, which means a faster delivery as the device accessing the program doesn’t have to work as hard. Because cloud technology hosts platforms, software and databases remotely, it frees up the computing power and memory of individual devices.

Advantages Cloud Technology Can Offer

Cloud technology has an overwhelming number of benefits that it can offer a business. There are three major categories that these benefits can be broken into – flexibility, strategic value and efficiency. Let’s take a look at each below.

Flexibility – Cloud technology is incredibly flexible. It offers complete scalability on demand that can support fluctuating work demands. There are three types of cloud solutions available – private, public and hybrid and which solution is best suited for your business can depend on your industry, security requirements and other considerations. There are a variety of control choices available such as SaaS (software as a service) PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service.) A number of security features such as encryption and API keys are available to ensure data remains secure. With cloud computing, there are a number of prebuilt tools and features that can be selected to create an ideal solution for your specific business needs.

Strategic Value – Cloud technology offers a streamlined work environment by managing the underlying infrastructure of an organization, allowing business owners to focus on other priorities. With regular updates, cloud computing offers the latest and greatest technology with worldwide access that fosters team collaboration from anywhere across the globe. It also provides a competitive edge to businesses as they can make changes quickly and be more agile than organizations that need to dedicate resources to IT infrastructure.

Efficiency – As cloud-based data programs and applications are virtually accessible from any internet-connected device, business efficiency is greatly improved. It also offers a significant savings on equipment as businesses no longer need to spend money on servers and other costly equipment. Plus, businesses only need to pay for what they are using and can scale accordingly.

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