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What are Cyber Security Services?

What are Cyber Security Services?

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What are Cyber Security Services

Cyber security is the use of technology including software and network architecture to protect individuals and businesses from cyber attacks. The goal is to prevent attacks from happening in the first place and if one does occur, to mitigate harm and ensure that minimal disruption takes place.

While you may wonder what are cyber security services, for a cyber strategy to succeed, it must continually evolve to keep one step ahead of the attacker’s plans and new technology that they may be using. Effective cyber security services need to have multiple layers including cloud protection for all business environments, mobile security for all devices, real-time monitoring, visibility, anti-ransomware protection and applications that can scale to current and future business needs.

In today’s world, cyber security services should be considered a must-have and not an optional business expense. Technology changes daily as does our exposure to new vulnerabilities and advanced hacker tactics. While anti-virus and firewalls can help, there needs to be an overall organizational approach, backed by industry experts that are skilled in focusing on preventing attacks versus finding one once it is too late. Cyber security professionals can help keep your organization safe with a secure infrastructure in addition to providing a number of key benefits.

Cyber Security Services Benefits

Cyber security services can prevent your business from being exposed to cyber attacks that can be detrimental to your bottom line. A famous example is when Verizon purchased Yahoo for $350 million dollars less than their anticipated price due to a data breach. Other benefits include:

  • Can securely scale as required and support your business growth.
  • Can boost corporate innovation by ensuring that communication and collaboration methods are safe including mobile devices and cloud platforms. 
  • Ensures your organization has sufficient security practices, above and beyond basic industry compliance basics.

Common Cyber Security Threats

There are many forms that a cyber attack can take, however, there are several common ones.

  • Malware: Is malicious software hidden in a file or program that is designed to harm a computer user via a virus, spyware, Trojan horses or worms.
  • Ransomware: This is a form of Malware that once activated on a victim’s computer, will encrypt all system files and demand a payment to restore access.
  • Phishing: Is typically seen in the form of fraudulent emails that are designed to resemble communication from a reputable source like a government organization or bank. They often attempt to steal personal information such as credit card details or passwords. Phishing emails are currently the leading cause of Ransomware attacks and it is estimated that over 67% of attacks came from phishing emails.
  • Social Engineering: This type of attack relies on human interaction to trick someone into opening a file, downloading an attachment or breaking security procedure to expose sensitive information that is typically protected. Lack of corporate cyber security training is often at fault for allowing social engineering tactics access.

Cyber security isn’t a technology issue, it is a critical business risk. Ensuring that you have the right Managed Service Provider and cyber protection is key. Threats need to be addressed head-on by a team of dedicated experts that are well versed in the most cutting-edge cyber security protection. At MBC, we understand that cyber threats not only just damage data but can ruin the entire functionality of an organization which is why we provide 24-7 event monitoring and managed detection to give you the peace of mind you need.

To learn more about your organization’s risk for being a cybercrime victim, get a free assessment today.

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