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What Are Cyber Security Vulnerabilities?

What Are Cyber Security Vulnerabilities?

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What Are Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

In the world of building and coding technology and software, sometimes some mistakes are left behind, which are usually called bugs. Although bugs are not typically harmful other than sometimes impacting overall system performance, they are often taken advantage of by hackers and are referred to as ‘vulnerabilities.’ If your software has a bug, your network data can be left exposed and vulnerable to a range of cyber threats including phishing, spyware, malware, spam, botnets, adware, proxies and more. Below, we will explain more about what cyber security vulnerabilities are and how they can happen.

Common Types of Cyber Vulnerabilities

The software that your business uses connects outsiders on their networks to the inner function of the operating system. When a user without restrictions or limitations opens a program on the operating system, they potentially leave access open to hackers that can cross over and re-write critical codes that keep your information secure. In 2011, the top 25 most dangerous software errors were identified by a group called the Common Weakness Enumeration and while comprehensive, there are still many other threats that can leave your business exposed. Some of the top cyber security vulnerabilities to look out for include:

  • SQL Injection
  • OS Command Injection
  • Missing Data Encryption
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Missing Authorization
  • Missing Authentication (for critical function)
  • Cross-site scripting and forgery
  • Download of codes without an integrity check
  • Redirection of URLs to untrusted sites
  • Weak Passwords
  • Existing virus-infected software
  • Broken algorithms

Network Security

There are also plenty of security breaches that can occur from within your internal business network. Be cautious about allowing USB drives, unencrypted netbooks and laptops, unrestricted employee access and unsecured wireless access points.

Preventing Vulnerabilities

Protecting your business data is essential and an integral business procedure. While there are a number of software security tools such as antivirus, automated backups, patch management and more, using a Managed Service Provider can be your best line of defense.

As a business owner, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest security trends and allocate enough time and resources to keep your business secure. Proactive business owners realize that the dangers of cyber threats and vulnerabilities can bring the entire functionality of their operations to a stand-still if exposed. At MBC, we have developed a best in class security system that keeps your computer networks and data backed up and safe by using the latest security technology.

We also place a large emphasis on making sure that all the BYOD (bring your own devices) being used in your organization are secured with complete endpoint protection. As end-user devices can make your network vulnerable if not secure, we utilize a centrally managed security platform to protect laptops, mobile devices, workstations and anything else used to connect to your network.

To learn more about what cyber risks or security vulnerabilities that your business may face, get a free assessment today.

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