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What are Good Reasons to Do Yearly Disaster Recovery Testing?

What are Good Reasons to Do Yearly Disaster Recovery Testing?

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What are Good Reasons to Do Yearly Disaster Recovery Testing?

A disaster recovery plan is designed to navigate your business through ransomware attacks, hardware failures, natural disasters, and other unexpected disruptions. Unfortunately, many businesses will implement a backup system and disaster recovery solution, assuming that it works fine without validating the processes and solutions. It is vital to find any potential failure points and fix them before a real disaster strikes your organization. For organizations that did test their initial disaster recovery plan, it is important that they continue to do so annually. Backups and disaster recovery plans need to be periodically reviewed to ensure that they are still sufficient and that all key stakeholders in the plan are able to execute the documented policies and procedures successfully.

Looking for some solid good reasons on why to do yearly disaster recovery testing? Here are a just few.

Natural Disasters

Even with the best technology in the world, sometimes we’re no match for mother nature. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or fires cause businesses to lose billions of dollars each year. Here is a sobering detail – in 80% of cases where a company was forced to close operations for over a week, they were not able to resume again.

Software and Hardware Failures

Almost 80% of downtime is caused by either power outages or IT failures. Even if you have invested in the top cooling systems and power surge protectors, there is a possibility that you could experience a hardware failure or a faulty driver. When hardware shuts down, your data will shut down along with it. To ensure that you can recover and restore as quickly as possible, always store backups off-site as it is unlikely that two locations will fail simultaneously.

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks continue to rise and can have devastating consequences on businesses when hackers access networks to inject viruses or steal sensitive data. If your organization has a disaster recovery plan in place that is routinely tested, you can fight back. By running annual disaster recovery tests, your organization will be able to identify any infrastructure vulnerabilities and fix them before they are noticed and exploited by hackers.

Business Risks from Not Running Disaster Recovery Tests

If your business has not tested its disaster recovery plan recently, or even worse doesn’t have one at all, there are a number of risks you’re exposing your organization to, including:

Cost of Downtime

Even a couple hours of downtime can cost a company a substantial amount of money. Downtime during peak hours or when services are highly in demand can cause serious losses. Investing in a quality backup and replication solution and ensuring it works will help your business achieve continuity and minimize losses.

Loss of Trust

As a business, your reputation as a reliable partner is essential. If you have been faced with a data breach or service disruption that caused downtime, customers can quickly lose trust and take their business elsewhere. Disaster recovery testing helps ensure that you are protecting the reputation of your business.

Compliance Requirements

For some industries like healthcare, government entities and financial markets need to follow strict compliance regulations like FINRA and HIPAA. Even if you’re not bound to these governing bodies, 24-7 access to data and applications is necessary in today’s business world and business continuity is no longer a convenience, it is a necessity. By following routine disaster recovery testing, you’ll not only ensure that you’re maintaining the necessary certifications but minimizing your downtime risk as well.

Getting Started

Don’t put your business at unnecessary risk but neglecting your annual disaster recovery testing. To get started protecting your critical data, designing a disaster recovery plan, and running routine testing, contact MBC. We can help you proactively prepare to ensure a disaster becomes an easily manageable problem. To learn more about how we can help support your business, get a free assessment today.

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