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What are the Types of IT Services?

What are the Types of IT Services?

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What are the Types of IT Services

When searching for IT services for your business, all the different options available or jargon may seem confusing. It helps to first understand what are the types of IT services available and then pinpoint what exactly your business needs. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of IT services to explore.

Managed Services

Managed Service Providers typically work with small and medium-sized businesses to manage their IT infrastructure and end-user systems on a proactive basis. The managed services model is particularly advantageous for SMB’s with limited in-house IT capabilities. Partnering with a Managed Service Provider is an ideal way for a business to gain top-notch IT expertise and leading cybersecurity protection.

Managed Services usually falls under a monthly subscription payment model and the scope can encompass a wide variety of tasks in addition to servicing the organization’s network. Managed Services are typically more cost-effective over time, as the proactive nature of this business model often prevents issues from forming in the first place.

On-Demand IT

On-Demand IT services offer a wide range of IT solutions, when needed by a business. (A reactive model.) A business will contact an on-demand provider when they need a project done or something repaired. While there isn’t a monthly fee, it can end up costing more in the long run having to pay for each individual service when it is needed and by not having a team that is actively looking to resolve issues before they turn into problems.

Network Setup and Security

Some SMB’s may choose to just purchase a standalone service for their network set up and running. Once it is up and running, they may also elect to purchase a network security service to help evaluate and respond to potential cybersecurity threats.

Cloud Services

Cloud service providers lease their operating systems, hardware, and software to clients and businesses and operate from a remote facility. As part of the contract, they assume responsibility for the maintenance of their applications and equipment. Cloud services are helpful to many businesses as it frees up the need to purchase costly infrastructure and the physical space needed to store it and cloud technology allows for seamless on-demand scalability. There are different types of cloud environments and hybrid or private solutions can be customized to fit your exact business requirements.

Help Desk

End-User or Help Desk support teams diagnose and resolve computer, network, and software issues. They typically provide support via phone or email and will walk employees through their problems and guide them on what steps to take to correct them. Common requests are hardware questions, software bugs, and printing issues.

Which is Best

While on-demand and stand-alone services may offer a lower entry cost into IT Services, often it only remains that way if used sparingly. If continually used, it can strain an organization’s finances and lack the strategic insight that managed services provides. If your organization is seeking a dedicated partner that acts more as an in-house team that can maintain a secure environment regardless of how many hours are used, the clear choice is managed services for its overall value.

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