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What Do Cyber Security Companies Do?

What Do Cyber Security Companies Do?

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What Do Cyber Security Companies Do

In the internet-driven world of today, data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other cyber threats have become common news. It is alarming how the number of cyber-attacks continues to increase at such a rapid pace. In a recent report released by Datto, which compiled responses from 1400 Managed Service Providers, revealed that 1 in 5 small businesses have fallen victim to a ransomware attack.

The results can be absolutely devastating to an organization. More business owners are realizing that it is essential that they do whatever it takes to be prepared and are partnering with cyber security companies. What do cyber security companies do exactly? There are a number of reasons to hire a professional Managed Service Provider as outlined below.

Security Architecture

An important part of staying secure is the design of your security architecture. Cyber security professionals can decide where the best points are for firewalls to be used and how certain networks should be segmented. They will also perform routine penetration testing to ensure that your defenses are working properly. Proper security architecture will make your network more resilient to a cyber attack.

Monitor Security Operations

A cyber security company will monitor your systems including firewalls, databases and entry points to provide real-time analysis of any possible threats. Should any malicious attempt be detected, it can be identified and stopped.

Cyber Intelligence

It can be difficult for business owners to try and understand new types of cyber threats and how attacks are becoming more sophisticated in order to breach security systems. By hiring professionals, you gain a team of experts well versed in the latest cyber intelligence to keep your business secure.

Fraud Prevention

Cyber security professionals also monitor what type of sensitive information is sent and how it is being handled within your organization. From ensuring that sensitive information isn’t being emailed or that intellectual property isn’t being stolen, the flow of information within your organization is monitored to prevent fraud.

Cost Savings

Cyber attacks are incredibly expensive. The average ransom request for a small business is now estimated at $5,900, an increase of 37% over the previous year and in 2017 the average cost for a data breach was reported at $117,000. In order to keep your business safe from financial disaster, having a trusted Managed Service Provider with cyber security experts is well worth keeping your business data safe. 

Security Awareness Training

The leading cause of Ransomware continues to be from phishing emails, making security awareness training essential for your organization’s employees. A cyber security company will implement policies that promote security and deliver effective training so that everyone in your organization understands and can identify security risks.

To learn more about the potential risks that your business may face and how the cyber security experts at MBC can help keep you secure, get a free assessment today.

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