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What Does IT Support Mean?

What Does IT Support Mean?

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What Does IT Support Mean

Every business needs some type of IT support. From setting up firewalls to resetting employee passwords or taking action if your network fails, IT support professionals are essential to keeping your organization running smoothly. What does IT support mean for your business? The emphasis should be on ‘support’ with proactive monitoring of your IT systems and security. Below, we will explain why IT support is so important.

Types of IT Support

True IT support involves a team of highly trained professionals that can identify and address potential problems or threats before they even occur. This approach is more than just going the extra mile, it just makes good business sense.

While some businesses will employ their own in-house IT support team, it is costly, which is why many SMBs will either outsource or partner with a Managed Service Provider for their support needs.

There are three common types of IT support – Time & Material, Block Hours and Managed Services.

Time & Material – This is a basic pay-as-you-go model, where if anything goes wrong with your IT systems or your employees need support, you hire a technician and pay for the labour and material cost to fix the issue. This is also a very reactive method, as problems cannot be proactively identified and are only corrected once ‘broken.’

Block Hours – This is a model where businesses can pay a discounted rate when they purchase a ‘block’ of support hours upfront. There may be a specific time period for how long the hours are available for, such as each month, quarter or year. Again, this is a reactive support plan because the issues are only being called in once they have become a full-blown problem.

Managed Services – The managed services model delivers much more value than reactive break and fix models. Proactive monitoring ensures that technical issues and security threats are prevented before they become problems.

Managed Services are preventative versus reactive. As the saying goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, the same goes for the health of your networks. Downtime is incredibly expensive, and by leveraging the strategic management and regular maintenance routines of managed services, in the end, delivers a more cost-effective model versus paying premium hourly rates to resolve emergency downtime.

Example of Proactive IT Support

When you partner with MBC, if one of your employees had their computer crash in the middle of the day, they could call our Expert Help desk and speak to an IT support technician immediately. If necessary, they could remotely login to that employee’s computer and troubleshoot the problem. Over 99% of the time, the issue could be resolved on the spot with that single phone call and your employee could go back to her day, without being faced with un-productive downtime.

If your business used a Time & Materials or Block Hours model instead, your employee would have to call your IT service provider. Typically, they would need to wait several hours or even a day before a technician could arrive on-site to fix the problem, resulting in expensive downtime.

Another difference between these two scenarios is that with a managed service contract, there would be no bill for the help desk support. The service is included in your business’s monthly contract. With the Time & Materials or Block Hours, your company would have to pay for the service call.

Managed Services Advantage

Partnering with MBC for your IT support needs can save valuable time and money for your organizations. Our services include a number of options to best support the unique needs of your business including cloud services, network security, and backup solutions.

Another advantage is that you are not faced with surprise IT support bills. With a predictable monthly rate, you can better manage your annual IT budget.

To learn more about how our MBC can deliver exceptional IT support to your organization, get a free consultation today.

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