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What is a Cyber Security Audit?

What is a Cyber Security Audit?

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What is a Cyber Security Audit

With cyber security being a popular topic these days, you probably have heard of why it is important to review your security practices with an audit. If you’re not sure what is a cyber security audit and how it can help your organization, we’ll explain below.

Why Cyber Security Audits are Important

Being the victim of a cyber attack can result in significant lost revenue and reputational damage. The CEO of IBM, Ginni Rommety stated that “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

It is critical to manage your organizational risk of cyber threats and an audit is a great well to get a detailed overview of your current security health and to make strategic improvements.

A cyber audit is a detailed review and analysis of your entire organizational IT structure. It will expose weaknesses, high-risk practices, and risk against vulnerabilities and threats. It will also ensure that you are following any regulatory compliance standards and that your business has taken the necessary steps to protect consumer and company data. An audit will also present an action plan to improve your overall resilience against cyber attacks and breaches.

How Does a Cyber Audit Work?

Typically, an audit is split into two parts, the gap analysis, and vulnerability assessment. The gap analysis portion involves a comprehensive cyber resilience assessment, remediation action points, response plan for a breach, staff awareness level and training opportunities as well as a detailed report including an optimized strategy overview.

The vulnerability assessment includes searching for and identifying potential vulnerabilities, detection of malware, review and analysis of back-up procedures, website application scanning as well as compliance and configuration checks.

Does My Business Need an Audit?

Cyber security audits are incredibly valuable tools for all businesses but if your organization has not yet documented your threat exposure and internal/external risks, having an audit performed as soon as possible is a must. Another critical time for an organization to have a new audit performed is if you have recently expanded, have a major increase in data processing or have introduced new software.

IT Audit with MBC

At MBC, we perform comprehensive IT audits that include assessing all of your applications, hosting, security, servers, backups, vendor contracts and licensing. We thoroughly review all technology being used as well as all equipment from telephony and phone systems to desktops.

Our analysis not only identifies any gaps or risks, but it clearly details how to repair problems, boost your resilience and save money.

We have been helping Canadian businesses for twenty years and guarantee customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering unique solutions tailored to your individual business that is supported by cyber security best practices and strategic consulting. We love exceeding our client’s expectations in a delightful way.

While most people don’t look forward to the word audit, when it comes to cyber security, an audit may be what protects your business from a disaster. Get a free assessment today and find out what risks your organization may face.

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