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What is an Example of an IT Support Service?

What is an Example of an IT Support Service?

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What is an Example of an IT Support Service?

To keep your business running optimally, great IT service is essential. While often when people think of IT service or support, a call centre or help desk comes to mind, there are many facets of IT support. With the recent coronavirus outbreak and employees across the country having to work from home, having a professional IT support team that is available 24/7 has become more important than ever.

Wondering what is an example of IT support service? Here are several that cover the basic needs of most SMBs.

Backup and Recovery

If your business was faced with a disaster such as a floor or cyber attack, would your data remain safe? With a professional IT support team, you can have peace of mind that best practices are being used to keep your data safeguarded. The golden rule is 3-2-1, meaning that your data should be stored in at least three separate locations (preferably through the cloud) because the likelihood of your data being destroyed in three different locations is slim to none.

Most Managed Service Providers use cloud backup solutions for disaster recovery because they are ideal for businesses that have more than one location and store large amounts of data. Even if one location is faced with a disaster, the other locations can continue operations and still retain access to all of the data stored in the cloud.

Network Security

While the internet has plenty of benefits, it also comes with security risks. Cyber criminals use a number of tactics to disable devices or steal data, making strict network security critical. IT support will ensure that your network will prevent unauthorized access from hackers so that your systems are not infected or breached. Typically, a number of methods are used to help in network security including firewalls, VPNs, antivirus software, and real-time monitoring from your IT support team.

Help Desk Support

For any business that does not have a robust in-house IT department, professional help desk support is critical. Help desk support typically entails a single point of contact for your employees to connect with an IT professional to troubleshoot computer, internet or printer issues.


Another type of IT support is keeping software updated and training staff on newly updated systems. This has recently been quite common as Windows 7 is phased out and many businesses are upgrading their operating systems.

Cloud Support

Thankfully as many businesses are already using the cloud for many applications and for data storage, their employees are able to work from home during the COVID-19 disruption. As employees navigate being home and not surrounded by co-workers for help, cloud support is a critical IT service for most businesses at this time.

Managed Services

If your business is in need of exceptional IT support, contact MBC. Delightful IT is our core mission and our main goal each day is keeping your employees happy and your business operations running smoothly. To find out more about how we can support your IT needs, get a free assessment today.

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