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What is an IT Support Plan?

What is an IT Support Plan?

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What is an IT Support Plan

Not sure what is an IT support plan or what exactly to look for? Proactive IT support serves as a defense against security risks, unplanned downtime or server crashes and any other problem related to technology. As technology is an essential part of operating a business today, it is important to have a comprehensive IT support plan that covers the four key areas of service which are Remote, On-site, End-User and Emergency.

The Elements of Support

Remote – When all of your equipment is running as is should be, often maintenance and smaller issues can be handled remotely. This can include network administration, updating software, and following security protocols. Often, small and medium-size businesses choose to work with a Managed Service Provider so that they can have access to a 24/ expert help desk support team for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to have an inhouse department.

On-Site – While often many technical problems can be troubleshooted and resolved with remote access, sometimes, especially with certain hardware problems, you need an on-site technician. On-site support is also necessary for the routine maintenance of hardware like workstations, servers, printers, and portable devices. Being able to schedule on-site support with a Managed Service Provider helps your business plan for maintenance time and outages to minimize any disruption.

End-User – This is for individual user problems such as when a network printer is not recognizing an employee’s computer or when someone is experiencing problems with their computer not running well, possibly as a result of malware or a virus. Other times, end-user support can be for providing certain access to programs that need approval or authorization or even just resetting a password. Most-end user support can be handled remotely, however, at times a technician will need to review the problem on-site.

Emergency – Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance, an unexpected event can happen. Even with the most robust security and top of the line antivirus protection, there is always a risk that your business may be exposed to a virus, an email server being hacked or even a physical disaster such as a fire or flood that could impact your operations. When an emergency situation occurs, you need immediate IT support, no matter if it is on a weekend, holiday or in the middle of the night.

Ensuring that you have the proper, immediate emergency IT support is an important factor to consider when choosing an IT support provider.

Managed Services Advantage

At MBC, we combine these four elements of IT support along with many other additional options to deliver a seamless protection package for your business. You can rest assured that your systems are being proactively monitored, end-users’ issues are resolved quickly and pleasantly over the phone 99% of the time on the first call, and that you have expert emergency support at your fingertips. While there is always a possibility of being faced with some type of IT failure, our robust support can quickly respond and resolve any issue. Plus, our Managed Services Plan protects you from unexpected IT costs and keep you on budget for the year.

To learn more about how MBC can deliver exceptional IT support to your organization, get a free assessment today.

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