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What Is Cloud Monitoring?

What Is Cloud Monitoring?

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What Is Cloud Monitoring

The 21st century has seen many businesses migrating from legacy systems to cloud computing services. And while this may have improved efficiency and accessibility while reducing costs, it has also created new obligations and responsibilities. Cloud monitoring is one of these new responsibilities that didn’t exist a couple of decades ago. What is cloud monitoring and what are its benefits? In this article we’ll find out.

What Is Cloud Monitoring?

Cloud monitoring refers to the process of examining, assessing and controlling the infrastructure and operations that take place in a cloud based system. This is often done automatically, one of the many benefits of cloud computing operations, but may also require manual administration. Cloud monitoring is necessary to ensure servers, websites and other cloud based applications are functioning properly while also allowing for the anticipation of problems that may occur.

Cloud Monitoring Classifications

Cloud computing encompasses many different things for many different types of applications. Because of this there are also several different classifications of cloud monitoring. Below is a list of some of the main types.

Website Monitoring

Generally speaking, websites that are based in the cloud need to be monitored for processes, data and information that affect their performance. Website traffic flow, speed, downtime and resource utilization are some of the main concerns when it comes to operating an efficient website. Website monitoring is especially important for businesses such as online shopping sites.

Database Monitoring

Cloud computing is suited for database management because of the need to organize large amounts of information and the ability to scale quickly. Database monitoring is used to ensure that data integrity is maintained, queries are being resolved and connections are secure. Database monitoring can also ensure that bad actors are identified and blocked.

Cloud Storage Monitoring

Cloud storage is another major cost saving benefit of cloud systems. No longer does a company need to house and maintain a growing bank of physical hardware when it can be outsourced to an off-site location. Monitoring cloud storage is necessary to manage object sizes, analyze network traffic and predict and troubleshoot potential problems.

Virtual Network Monitoring

Virtual network monitoring is used to analyze software that acts as routers, firewalls and other virtual network components. It allows the manipulation of these virtual components to allow for optimization of dataflow, identification of bottlenecks and a better understanding of resource allocation.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Monitoring?

Because cloud monitoring requires input from several different sources, it’s important to have a well-defined strategy that identifies the objectives of cloud monitoring in the first place. This will be different for every business, but there are benefits of cloud monitoring that are common to many different types of situations.


Cloud monitoring is easily scaled and can help businesses of every size get bigger (or smaller) when necessary.


Working from the cloud allows for a flexibility that isn’t easily achieved with hardware based systems. Monitoring is able to take place anywhere on any type of device.

Reduced Downtime

A local problem doesn’t mean downtime for everyone because the cloud applications will continue functioning regardless.


Systems can be tailored to the current needs of the business and scaled appropriately. This means a business is never paying for what isn’t being used. It also allows upgrades to occur seamlessly.

By partnering with MBC, you can be confident that you have a trusted cloud provider that can seamlessly handle cloud monitoring and ensuring your entire system is running optimally. To learn more about private cloud services with MBC, get a free assessment today.

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